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The Hollywood style portrait park….

Talked to a senior 2011 yesterday.  We chatted about clothing, style, locations and props like we do with all our sessions.  We made arrangements to photograph her dog and buddies, her track medals and guitar. Then she said something interesting.

She wanted some unique pix at the Sundial Bridge…. just like we did for her friends.

Huh?   More photos just like her friends' would make them no longer unique.  Just a copy like so much of what you see nowadays!

Of course we could use the same location and do something different (but I feel it is waaaay over used like Old Shasta used to be soooo boring with all the other photogs taking pix there). Something unique tells a STORY… what is your story we can tell with images that show you… and only that special you?

When you are ready– give me a call for a free consultation. I would love to make your story into one of our amazing coffee table books or part of our MallWall display.


tom s


Tim Wood

these pics are awesome! :]


sami! u look soo beautiful!!! ur the prettiest person ever!!!!!


SAM!!!!! YOUR SO PRETTY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


<3 ur new pics gurrrrllll :)


i lovve your pictures 🙂


omg sam u look beautiful!!! i love u gorgeous!!


babe you are beautiful 🙂


These are beautiful pictures. It is going to be hard to decide. You are gorgeous, and GREAT photographer!




great senior pics sam

Carole Burton

Your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS Sami!
Tough to decide on which one to use for your senior pic, huh? Love you…


Baby girl these are so beautiful!!!!!!
i want pics biotch!:)
love and miss you

Lexi Rubin

samm:] youuur gorgeous!!!:]] these pics are AMAZINGG!! youu better get on that wall:] love you<3


stunning !!!


they where all beautiful 🙂


amazingly georgus

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