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A beautiful unique portrait

beautiful unique portrait

A beautiful unique portrait

A beautiful unique portrait

Let TA Schmidt Photography capture the real you for family and friends

To my astonishment tears pooled in her eyes…
It starts about age ten for many girls and they often never outgrow it. We see it all the time in teens, 20’s – 50’s and even sweet little grandma’s in their 80’s.
Maybe it’s the mass media with the celebrity obsessed and photoshopped beautiful flawless faces. Or it could be the cruel little boy in 7th grade that called her a name.
Somehow a lot of young girls and women of all ages have no confidence in who they are and what they look like. Even at the scheduling phone call they go on and on how they hate being photographed. And never like themselves in photos.
Compared with the sneaky grab shots at Christmas with your mouth full of food or the backyard selfies you have to expect a much better experience with a real professional photoshoot.
So many people, girls and guys alike remember the poor school photos done year after year. One shot. Good luck with the expression and even having the eyes open!
However we do it different.
It takes time and skill.
Perfected through years of training and thousands of sessions.
But it still surprises and delights me when a child, high school senior or mom sheds a tear of joy finally seeing how wonderfully beautiful they are today.
It’s there to behold all the time. Step back, take a breath and enjoy the uniqueness of you.
Let TA Schmidt Photography capture this moment in time for you and family and friends. Call 244-2636.
For all your photography needs.
Child, high school senior, family, business portraits, commercial images for brochures or the web, pets, glamour and boudoir.
Call 244-2636 for a free consultation for your beautiful unique portrait.

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

Family reunion photo shoots

Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

It does not matter what time of year or what Holiday your family gathers… it’s time for a new portrait of your gang

Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb.
Coding software in The Valley.
My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays?
Catching up with the high school seniors I have done over the years. Each one has a new life, a new adventure, a new path that has their family thrilled with the progress and success.
I can see great things in the future for many of them. Leading America in politics, TV stars with super talents, defending our great country, inventing such cool stuff we cannot imagine yet what is in store for the world!
Sometimes they begin slowly. Starting at the bottom rung it is a small step towards a much bigger goal or destination.
Other times it is the first test, experiment, tryout in making a life long dream come true.
Time moves on and we all grow with our choices. Often a winding path that leads us to a career that we would have never expected. Other times it is if written in stone when we were a small child.
Do you still have family in town for the Christmas break? Do you want to catch the kids in new photos before they move away for good? Now is the time for pix with grandparents and extended families.
We still have a few openings on Weds, Friday and Saturday Morning before the New Year 2017 makes it’s debut. Groups up to 50 people with your Family reunion can be handled right here in the comfortable studio rain, snow, wind or shine outside.
Yes, pets are welcome so we can capture the entire family!


Call 244-2636 to grab one of the last sessions of 2016.

Choose a photographer that can give you the style you want.

How to choose your photographer

Choose a photographer that can give you the style you want.

One image and three different looks. Classic, retro and dramatic all can be created with planning.

How to choose the best photographer for your next photoshoot.

To assume your photographer does nothing but click a camera shutter and instantly, magically “Photoshop” images to perfection is naive.

A well trained photographer starts the art at the first contact finding out what you want and getting a feel for your personality and style.

Chatting early to bring the proper clothing (and props if needed) before the session begins the journey stepping off in the right direction so you and the shooter get what you both want.

You may not realize it but from the moment you step into a real studio the photographer is studying everything about you.

How you move.

Facial features that will best be highlighted by different types and directions of light.

Expressions and what enhances the most pleasant looks.

Your tone and cadence of how you talk.

How often you blink.

The seven shades of your natural smile.

All done before you step in front of the camera.

So the real you is captured and not just another DMV mugshot.

Like any cook, singer, painter or writer each experienced photographer has a style.

A style of how they work to get the finished product.

Some work quietly and slowly trying to nudge out a perfect photo.

Others, like us at TA Schmidt Photography use energy and fun to make sessions loud and fast paced.

Also, each studio has a style or “look” of what the final images will be.

Some like romantic.

Some like hyper reality.

Some like a snapshot moment in time captured on the fly in the park or at your home.

We prefer a “show and tell” story about your adventures through life.

A peek into your relationships.

Insights into your interests and passions.

Showing you on a “good day”.

Which is why we offer four levels of retouching and enhancements.

A Light Touch-Up just removes zits and gently soften bags under the eyes and lines on the face.

The Magazine Touch-Up does more smoothing and some body sculpting which is our most popular look.

Cosmetic Retouching is available but something we don’t often like to do because it makes the skin too plastic and perfect.

Finally, Artist Choice is a blend or combination of any of the above to get a dramatic piece of art for your walls and gifts for family.

Ultimately YOU get to choose.

So make sure you first choose a photographer that can deliver the look you want.

Call us at 244-2636 if you feel we can deliver the portraits for your children, family, high school senior, engagement, boudoir, or business headshots.

High school seniors, kids, family, glamor, pets and business headshots

Seniors 2016 in Redding

High school seniors, kids, family, glamor, pets and business headshots

TA Schmidt Photography at 1326 Trinity Street is the Redding photography studio leader in children, senior, family, glamour and headshots.

High school seniors, kids, family, glamor, pets and business headshots

TA Schmidt Photography at 1326 Trinity Street is the north state leader in children, senior, family, glamour and headshots.


Wow it has been a super busy Spring and early Summer.

So much so that I have updated the Facebook page most days but have ignored the blog pages and website.

A ton of things going on both in the biz and personally.

The Kids Contest is finally over and delivered to the judges.

Schools are out and all the proms and 2015 senior photos have been delivered.

This weekend we have the Pirates and Mermaids Theme Days.

Seniors 2016 start full force in just another couple weeks with FREE MakeOvers from Trina Fee of All Pinned Up.

We are scheduling our first Photos on the Beach for seniors and families that want to escape the heat for unique images made around Eureka.

The far North state has the first dealer for AirForce Airguns. We have ben accepted!

American made high power airguns from .117 to .45 caliber now available from us so we can continue to grow the hobby and hope to start a local target shooting league.

Plus the daughter is shortly off to medical school so I will have time to fill to keep me out of trouble…

Stay cool,

tom s

Children photogrpahy in Redding with Mermaids and Pirates

Pirates and Mermaids

Finally with graduations over we are settling down into our regular shooting and creative mode. Lots of family reunions already on the books, Seniors 2016 start in just a couple weeks and of course we have a few special theme sessions for the kids and for our glamour departments.

Don’t worry about those insane hot temps outside. It’s always cool and comfortable inside the studio with all three camera rooms ready for your photoshoot.

Trina Fee is also getting busier by the day so if your are looking for a MakeOver for your shoot it’s best if you start planning REAL early.

Lots of sweet projects going on so call 244-2636 when you are ready for your close-up!

Summer hours have us closing early on Friday afternoons so we can go out and play too!


tom s

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Wrestling with Redding Photographer

Action high school pictures

NorCal high school wrestling photos by Redding photographer TA Sch

WRP1280159 WRP1280147 WRP1280145 WRP1280123 WRP1280113 WRP1280049 WRP1280010 The last sports action shoot for the week!

Many MANY years ago in junior high I did wrestle for one season.

I was the long skinny kid with too much in gangly arms and legs.

I enjoyed getting in such good shape for the three intense two minute rounds.

Overall I did ok but only remember my last match.

A loss by one point in an epic match of wills.

Not much technique but muscle against muscle.

I do respect what they guys and girls do on the matt.

And enjoy photographing it for the visual lines and emotion.


tom s

Redding High School Sports Photo Week

Andrson basketball

Winter sports week has soccer, wrestling and basketball activities

BBP1270573 BBP1270555 BBP1270534 BBP1270525 BBP1270442 BBP1270426 BBP1270409Winter sports are in full swing as long as you don’t need any snow!

Hoop, soccer, wrestling have my schedule after school filled with action pix.

It’s great to see the competition, drive and relationships being built on the floor, pitch and mat.

These games are memories that the kids will never forget.

Bonds forged that will last decades.

Building stronger bodies and minds.

Learning leadership and teamwork.

Vital skills to handle the challenges of adulthood on the horizon.


tom s