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Senior Photography Redding

Senior Photography Redding

Senior Photography Redding

Senior Photography Redding with best studio in the North state, TA Schmidt Photography


Senior Photography Redding

What is involved in getting great senior pictures for 2017 seniors?

It’s really all about choices.

Choosing the right clothing to show off some style and fashion awareness.

Choosing the right props and personal items to lend insights into your personality and playfulness.

Choosing the right buddies and pets to show who and what your care about this senior year.

Choosing the right locations for your photos to be taken outside the studio whether they are made here in the Redding area or over on the coast on the sunset lit beach near Eureka.

Choosing the right photographer that understands both the art of photography and the tech so your photos look great and feature you in the best light.

That is why we have the largest studio in the North state and the only photo biz with a private outdoor portrait park.

That is also why we have Redding’s best MakeOver artist at All Pinned Up right next door for the girls to have professional styling done that is designed just for photos. (There is also a NEW salon moving in that will specialize in the GUYS, so Moms if you are tired of the wild and wooly look your senior boy can be turned into the young man you hope to see)

This is the only complete studio in town with not one camera room… but three unique indoor air conditioned spaces with hundreds of scenes and props and background combinations to match up with the color and style of clothing your bring.

There is also that huge advantage of understanding light and how it effects the face structure so we can highlight your best features and hide things you are less pleased with in body shape and expressions.


Yes, we can photograph your personal senior pictures no matter what school you attend!

You may still have to go to the boring old school contract photographer for the yearbook mugshot but YOUR images can be made by the photographer YOU choose!

Do NOT settle for another cookie cutter shot from the photographer your school made you use.  Take a stand and get the photos you and your family will love to own and share.

When you are ready to make the best photographs of your life call us at 244-2636 to set up your next session.

Redding's favorite senior photographer

2016 Redding High School Senior Countdown

Redding's favorite senior photographer

Last chance for 2016 senior photos. Get them now for your grad cards!


The long elementary and high school grind is finally coming to an end. Each and every Redding High School Senior is watching the calendar slowly counting down the days to graduation.

There are many Shasta County seniors that have waited until Spring for senior pictures for a variety of good reasons.

Finally the braces came off. The hardware is gone and your new natural smile lights up any room you walk into.

It’s about time you discovered a hair style you adore. You may have tried colors and cuts to find the perfect frame for your face.

After too much time and money the project car or pickup actually runs with minimal smoke and rattle. It may not be perfect but it is yours from the rubber to the roof. Your blood sweat and tears have covered every inch of this baby and now you can show it off and enjoy what you have learned.

It’s time for your real senior photoshoot.

You can get the full indoor and outside treatment.

Girls can get the All Pinned Up Makeover.

In the studio.

At your home or favorite location.

With pets and props, buddies and hobbies show your passion? plus those folks most important to you, grandparents,

Plus those folks most important to you, grandparents, mom and dad… even your brothers and sis.

What five different outfits will you bring to the session?

Each one should show off more of your personality.

Team uniforms. Biker leathers. Dance tutus. Hunting camo (don’t forget the dog!)

Bring something NICE to show the successful you.

Then have something to show the real you that your friends will relate and remember.

Call the studio for a free tour and consultation. The photoshoot is still only $49. The average photo package runs from $299 to $1200. Of course there is also a payment plan too.

Dial up 244-2636 for the best and most fun photoshoot of your life!

Redding's best photographer

Redding Photo Opps

It appears we have a week with no rain coming up. Time to get those outdoor chores quickly done before El Nino sends us our next drenching. It’s also a good time to get those photos you want done without dealing with the umbrella and rain coat. Business head shots to start 2016 off right. Adorable Kids Contest for children 12 years and younger. Valentine Boudoir photos. Family photos showing the 3-4-5 generations of your clan. Call 244-2636 for your appointment.

Redding's best photographer

Family portraits in Redding can be done in the studio all year our outdoors during Spring, Summer and Fall. Call for a free clothing consultation to make sure you look your best.

Redding senior portraits

Senior Last Chance

Seniors 2015 are down to HOURS before the first of the yearbook deadlines. Some schools it is already to late to get a photoshoot scheduled, processed, proofed and made ready for your school. Others like West Valley and the private schools have a few days or weeks left for the late comers. Girls get the complete unlimited clothing session with a full hair and face MakeOver for only $99. Guys can have a 3 outfit n studio and outdoor shoot for only $39. How do you want to be remembered? We love all our seniors from Anderson, Burney, Enterprise, Central Valley, Chico, Corning, Dunsmuir, Foothill, Mt Shasta, Redding Christian, Shasta, Trinity, West Valley, UPrep, Yreka and Home School! Call 2015 Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt at 244-2636.


Time to back back to work in Redding…

Redding's #1 photo studio.

With yearbook deadlines past Redding seniors are now getting the photos they want for family and friends.

LUP1200684With the election finally over it’s time for folks to get back to work and rebuild what was once a great country.

Enough of the promises.

Enough of the hand outs.

Enough of the double talk.

Which leader will stand up and LEAD.

Not sound bites to feel good.

But take the issues at hand—like too many people not working and start to solve the problem.

Maybe taking a step waaaay back to our founding fathers where if you don’t work you don’t eat.

It’s time to take pride in your self, your family, your community and your country.

That cannot happen sitting on the couch at home bitchin’ about why the government is not hooking you up with what everyone else has to pay for with work.

The world is changing, lifelong education is no longer just a catchphrase.

We all need to step it up.


tom s

Senior pictures at TA Schmidt Photography

How to choose your High School Yearbook photo…

Choosing your YB photo is not as simple as it seems.

Mind you this is the image your friends will remember you by.

This is the shot that goes on TV if you do something famous or spectacular.

You will WEAR this photo at your high school reunions to remind all what you looked like in the prime of your life!

But how do you CHOOSE?

At TA Schmidt Photography we have a certain way of working.

NOT like you are used to seeing a photographer at school or your Mom with a camera.

Never hearing time and time again…….




Just a natural sequence of images ranging from quiet attitude to fun and playful smiles.


Not forced and fake.

So when you narrow down your proofs to your most favs what do you look for to choose?

We suggest picking the shot that most of your friends would like to remember you by.

That warm and fun friend they survived high school with.

That fun and slightly crazy buddy they could depend on in thick and thin.

Most of the time it is a bright smile that can light up a room.

But not always…. becasue you too are unique!


tom s

PS School starts in about 18 days. Do you have your senior portrait scheduled yet before life gets busy with homework and social fun stuff?

Senior pictures at TA Schmidt Photography

A great look is more than just a smile. It is the eyes, attitude, pose and chemistry to have it all come together.