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A World of Great Faces photographed by TA Schmidt Photography

A World of Great Faces

A World of Great Faces
A World of Great Faces photographed by TA Schmidt Photography

One of my 3 favorite faces to ever photograph.

I collect faces.
Really, everyone collects SOMETHING and my passion has always been faces.
Even as a child I loved people watching at the store, park or school. Watching expressions. Seeing how the DNA mixed and matched with families. You know, how you look a lot like your Mom or great grandfather?
I have a library of outstanding books with images from the great portrait painters and photographers throughout history.
It amazes me how through thousands of years humankind looks the same. Sure we are taller now. Yes, better diets and medicine have made us more healthy to a large degree. But the faces, emotions and expressions remain the same.
My favorite faces to photograph are young children with those big eyes. And of course pretty girls. That’s why I have a handful of original black and white prints from the 30’s and 40’s of the early movies stars. My favorites being Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind) and Hedy Lamarr (who happened to also be a brilliant mathematician)
Over the 43 years in business I have had so many stunning faces to work with in the studio. From newborns to classic beauty in their 90’s!
But I still remember a handful of special faces that were a thrill to shoot. Holly V, Tatiana H, Heidi W, Britany P and others. Thank you all for sharing some time in front of the camera!
If I could photograph any more current actresses who would I choose?
Getting them in their prime I would love to shoot Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe (duh!), Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Kathy Ireland and the newest Wonder Woman… Gal Gardot.
If you have a face or faces in the family that should be collected to share with family and friends call or TEXT me at 244-2636.

Where were you before Google?

Where were you before Google?

Where were you before Google?

Where were you before Google?

Let your hobbies and interests shine through with a great senior photos from TA Schmidt Photography

How has your world changed in the last 10 years?
Where were you before Google?
Remember a time before smart phones, google being the “all knowing resource” shopping at the Mall?
Not long ago sports were done mostly outside while now there are huge arenas filled with spectators watching teams play video games.
New passions and interests are born each day with individual choices beyond the imagination if you look hard enough.
Those hobbies and interest are what are most exciting to me. How can we create an image just for you to show off where you spend your time and energy?
Ready for a unique photoshoot?
Call me direct at 244-2636 to chat.
Redding’s complete indoor and outside studio for children, high school seniors, family, business, glamour and boudoir, pets and commercial photos for your biz.
Consultations are always FREE to chat about ideas for your photos.

Spring High School Senior Photos indoors and outside

Spring High School Senior Photos

Spring High School Senior Photos

Spring High School Senior Photos indoors and outside

Inside and outdoors you can get senior pictures that look the way you want.

It’s a big day for parents also.
After 12 years of homework, sports, broken hearts and a lot of growing up the senior class of 2017 is near the finish line.
In mere months the colleges of America will see the infusion of fresh faces eager to take on new adventures and academic challenges.
Finally away from home these kids will spread their wings into the wind of their future. Once away from the hometown it gets more and more difficult to bring them back to our small town Redding.
The excitement of the big city.
More people. More opportunity. More music and food. More life. It’s hard to beat the rush of adrenaline when you see all the options for lifestyle and entertainment.
Which is why a great senior portrait is more valuable now than ever. You little one has grow strong and tall over the years and will be heading off very soon. What do you have to hold and treasure, to remember these years of growth?
Spring is a great time for senior pix! Everything is fresh and green. The Redding heat is still lurking behind the cool clouds. Plus there is still time to have photos fro family and friends.
Call 244-2636 for your student’s senior photos. In the studio and outdoors TA Schmidt Photography remains the top choice for high school portraits.
For all your portrait needs.
Graduation for college, high school, 8th grade and even pre school!
Family portraits from simple couples to family reunions with up to 250 and more people.
Children including our annual Adorable Kids Contest and current running Girls with Pearls.
Glamour and boudoir which also has the classic retro Pin Ups from the 50’s and 60’s.
Business and model headshots.
Pets and Pals.
Plus some commercial work to0 help grow your on street or on-line business.

Who is best Redding Photographer

Who is best Redding Photographer

Who is best Redding Photographer

Who is best Redding Photographer

Fall high school seniors from TA Schmidt Photography feature Redding’s wonderful autumn colors

Look around outdoors and you will see about half of the golden leaves are already on the ground.
It’s a sad time for me as I love the blast of warm colors and cooler weather to work outside.
The short 2-3 week window we get each year to enjoy this perfect season is not nearly long enough.
If you were looking to do high school senior or family photos with the fall colors I think we have about another week left in the season.
Plus with the time change we lose an hour each day of shooting time now that it gets dark at 5 pm!
If you want in call 244-2636 so we can find you a time and try to work around the weather.
It appears maybe some rain again next week which could be the end of the it all… and I have never been a fan of outdoor photos shoots with naked trees.
Remember we can always shoot indoors at the studio or your home any time.
So for family reunions this Thanksgiving weekend call soon to lock in your spot.
As always we expect Thanksgiving and Christmas to be the two big weeks for updating family and engagement portraits!
For you pet owners we are also in the last week of our annual Haven Humane Pets and People Portrait fundraiser.
Your donation of just $30 gets you a studio photo shoot and a free 5×7 print from your favorite pose. (Additional photos and packages are available)
The last day is the day before Thanksgiving so get the pup to the groomer, put on your Sunday best or favorite casual clothing and let’s make some great portraits while also helping out Redding’s Haven Humane.

Best Fall High School Seniors

Fall High School Seniors

Fall High School Seniors

Best Fall High School Seniors

In the studio and outdoors TA Schmidt Photography is the Best in North State Photographer voted by the Redding community

It’s that time of year when we are getting our “second shift” of fall high school seniors.
Right now, before all the beautiful color leaves are on the ground there is a last minute push for senior and family photos.
Some of these last minute seniors kids are from the smaller Christian schools.
Others from the county rural schools that have much later deadlines for yearbooks… as late as January for a few.
It’s mostly though the locals wanting so much more than the cookie cutter contract school photogs do each year.
We want to see seniors with their passions, interests, hobbies, collections, friends, pets and wheels.
For the girls we love when they have All Pinned Up do a hair and face makeover to enhance the best of their features.
From the guys we want to see the bravado, the fearless attitude that comes with the age.
Time is short with winter approaching.
Just one more big rain or wind storm and the fall colors will be gone for another year…
Call 244-2636 to hold your spot on our schedule.
These last weeks before Christmas tend to be very busy. (If you have family coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas reserve your session early because there are limited spots available during the Holiday break when the kids are all home)
Watch next week our Facebook page (TA Schmidt Photography) for a one day limited edition pin up glamour shoot just for Christmas giving. Fun, affordable, sassy and the MakeOver from All Pinned Up is included!
You will love your studio session for children, family, pet, business, glamour or senior photos. As always you can come by to chat about your ideas and get a free clothing consultation so you look your very best.

Senior pictures show personality

Senior pictures show personality


Senior pictures show personality

How can Senior pictures show personality? Easy… get involved with the creative process of clothing, props and style.

You do not have to settle for the cookie cutter yearbook shots that look like Grandma’s high school photos.

You are unique.

You have ideas, passions and interests.

You have a choice of which photographer can draw out the looks and stories you want to tell.

Bring your pets and props.

Wash up the car or motorcycle for pix with your first wheels.

Bring your best buddies, boy or girl friend.

Show your school for team colors.

Reveal your talents with musical instruments…. whether it is a simple flute or grand piano.

We can work indoors or outside. At your home or a meaningful place that has history with you and your family.

You can direct the images you want or let us do what we do best… make you look great and have a fun time in the process.

Seniors can be done all year long but our favorite time of year is fall with the beautiful colors outdoors.

Warm hues of gold and red are perfect for allowing skin tones to glow.

Plus it is cooler than the summer heat when most senior portraits are made.

Senior pictures show personality when you want to do more than the silly fake smile at the camera.

What is the depth of your thoughts?

Where will you be heading next year after graduation?

Is there a dream or goal yet formed in your mind?

How can we start the journey with great senior portraits right now?

Call us for a chat to see what we can do for you at 244-2636.

For high school senior, family, children, boudoir, pets, business and commercial photos we can help you create the look you want.

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

You got game? Show your fav sport with portraits from Best in the North state TA Schmidt Photography

The first Yearbook Deadline for the 2017 senior class is Monday. Do you have the photos you want for the class and Grad Ads? Ten years from now when you and friends look back at your photos will you see just the boring cookie cutter mug shot or a dynamic portrait that shows your style and interests? Will you settle for a grab shot in the backyard or park or get a true photo that reveals so fire in your belly?

Girls can still get a complete hair and face MakeOver for only $49 with All Pinned Up right next door to the TA Schmidt Photography building. Look your very best with curls, an updo, even Hollywood glamour hairstyles to set you apart from the rest of your friends.

Of course pets and props are alway encouraged. You can best tell your story with items that are meaningful to you. Collections, your art work, musical instruments, sporting gear, cars and bikes, hunting and fishing equipment and even costumes if you are part of the great local drama departments.

Morning and after school appointments are available first come, first served.  If you want to have the MOST fun you can double up with a senior friend so you can share the adventure and memories of the most fun shoot of your life. Remember also, get your family portraits done this fall before you head off to college. Once graduation is over it gets more and more difficult to get the entire gang together and you want to beware the grandparents are not getting any younger. A multi generation session is one of the best things you can do to preserve the family heritage.
Click the link below to snag your senior photo time if you dare.

Creative Seniors show personality

Awesome photographer

What you bring to the table during your session determines how creative and unique for photos will be. Hobbies, pets, props… if in doubt-Bring It!



Creative Seniors show personality and reveal style with the clothing and props they bring to the photoshoot.

These last weeks before senior deadlines are my favorite for shooting. It’s so much cooler outside after school. The fall colors are starting to peek in some of the outdoor shots. A lot of the guys have their project cars up and running and the girls have their wardrobe sorted and hair style figured out for the season.
Plus, this is the best time of year for a coastal shoot over in the Eureka/Trinidad area. Imagine your shoot on the beach at sunset. Bring your horse, dune buggy or mountain bike for a session that combines the natural beauty of the Pacific with your own style and look. The three hour beach shoot also includes a mini studio session so you have the best of both worlds.  The more classic formal images and the most beautiful shoots you can imagine on the beach and around the coastal forests.

What REALLY makes the session good is spending a little time to make your photoshoot a reflection of you.

What do you do?
Hobbies, collections, pets, and friends are all part of your life and should be part of your images.
Inside and outdoors we have the only COMPLETE session in the North state and we have All Pinned UP right next door for MakeOvers for the ladies.
Don’t settle for a cookie cutter yearbook mugshot.
Click here to lock in your time for the most fun photoshoot of your life!
Remember that all senior packages also include a FREE family photoshoot before they fly the coup and head for college. Call 244-2636 to make sure you have a TA Schmidt Portrait in your home!

Most fun photos

Redding 2017 Senior Deadlines

Most fun photos

Indoors or outside. With pets, hobbies, cars and buddies. MakeOvers for the girls. Make it fun!


Is your 2017 senior done with senior portraits yet?

Deadlines are right around the corner and prime shooting times are filling up fast. You can still get an indoor and outdoors session with up to 5 outfits for guys and girls for only $59. Girls can add a full hair and face MakeOver from All Pinned Up for only $49. Girls can also RENT formals for their photoshoot from Annie’s Styles and Stitches.

Of course cars, pets and buddies are always welcome to make your session fun and unique.

Do you do dance or sports?

We loooove action. Maybe even a combo of still and video to make your senior session memorable!

Are you an artist?

Bring your best work to feature in your photoshoot.

Are you a musician?

Let’s rock and roll together showing you and your talents.
Call 244-2636 to save your spot. The yearbook awaits your good looks…

Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home yet?

Where do I get senior pictures?

Where do I get senior pictures?

Where do I get senior pictures?

Yes you can go anywhere for your Redding senior portraits!



Where do I get senior pictures?

It was not that long ago when most high school seniors in Redding could choose the photographer they wanted for their senior portraits. For decades they could choose the pose and clothing that showed real personality and not just the cookie cutter mug shot that blended into the pages of sameness. They showed pets, and sporting medals. They shared dance and drama. Photos with their car and cycles gave variety and interest to the dying yearbook tradition.

Now days the dictatorship of most local schools TELL YOU how you are going to look and where you will be photographed. From their throne they rule the land and laws which run far past the education they are tasked to pass on to the minds of the eager students.

The office say JUMP, you reply HOW HIGH?

It’s funny, these school admins work for YOU not the other way around. They get paid with YOUR tax money and now they continue to enforce where you get to spend your hard earned cash.

Some people disagree and dislike this edict of education. Some folks think a high school senior has EARNED the right to take some responsibility in choosing a photographer for their senior portraits. After all, 11 years of education should have prepared these young adults to start making decisions. At this very moment they are deciding what to do WITH THE REST OF THEIR LIVES choosing colleges and career paths. Surely they can do a simple assignment of picking out a photographer…
If you are or have a high school senior in the house you can choose your photographer. You CAN go to any photographer you choose for your personal photos. You CAN use any photos in the Grad Ads. You CAN tell these school officials what you think about this bully BS rule. (That is if you CAN find them since they seem to move from job to job so often)

Want a real indoor and outside senior photoshoot with different outfits, props, pets, buddies, cars and even MakeOvers for the girls? Call Best in the North State photographer TA Schmidt at 244-2636.