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Redding River City Portraits

Redding River City Portraits

Redding River City Portraits

Redding River City Portraits

Outdoor portraits are a special treat in the Fall while the leaves turn to gold and the temperatures are cool

I am sorry to see it happen so fast.
The last of the 2016 outdoor Fall Colors photoshoots is on the near horizon.
Each day the ground is more covered with the golden and red leaves we all enjoy so much in the trees.
It’s easy to feel, the weather is getting cooler and I see a steady week of rain coming for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Nots so good for travel or outdoor portraits.
Great for gathering around the table with family and friends enjoying turkey and apple cider.
Who’s coming home for your Holiday?
College kids making a last break before the mid term finals.
Military leave is a special time seeing sons and daughter in their spiffy pressed uniforms.
Grandparents and cousins hit the road for a thankful time to be with family.
Remember we ARE open the Turkey Day weekend for family, individual, engagement and senior portraits.
That has always been a funny thing about this business.
When everyone else is off is when we are most wanted.
Not a problem, this is a service business and we are here to capture the best times in your life.
The studio is always warm and cozy so no need to work about the wind and rain.
We also do a number of photos at peoples homes when needed.
Let’s chat about what would make the perfect portrait of your clan.
Portrait consultations are always Free.
Call 244-2636 to find a spot on our calendar.
Ladies, watch for our Christmas Pin Up Glamour special booking now for photos at the end of November.
They make a wonderful gift for the guy in your life…. and you can hint it would be a perfect gift for you from him!

Your family home for Thanksgiving

Holiday portrait for Thanksgiving

Is your family home for Thanksgiving

Your family home for Thanksgiving

Let’s get your family together for a new portrait this Thanksgiving!

Yes indeed! As usual we await your arrival for Holiday pictures when your family has gathered.

We are open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving for your family portraits.

The two late holiday weekends are by far the most popular time to have new family photos made.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the magnets that draw family together to celebrate the relationships and bonds.
Kids are back from college, military leaves have our service men and women coming home plus grandparents brave the travel to be with those they love.
It’s a time for catching up with the goings on of friends and family from your past.
A time for stories of joys and tragedy. Hopes and some failures. Successes and a few lessons learned.
You are with family so you can share your dreams and get trusted advise and perspective from the people who care the most.
Let’s make your 2-3-4 generation portrait while the gang is together this year.
In the studio with no worry about wind or rain.  Comfortable and controlled so everyone will look their very best.
Yes, you can bring the family pet.
Yes, we love to photograph all the different groups of families and relatives.
Yes, we want to chat with you about clothing so you all will fit in the make a portrait you will love forever.
Due to the number of sessions requested each Thanksgiving (and weather concerns and bare trees outdoors) we have time only for in studio photoshoots during the weekend.
Call 244-2636 with your credit card in hand to lock in your time. There is no time for excuses when the family is at hand. Too often your next opportunity will have someone missing.
Best in the North State family sessions are still only $49 whether you have just a simple couple or 50 members in your new TA Schmidt Photography holiday portrait.

Studio and outdoor family photos Redding California

Studio and Outdoor Family Photos

Studio and outdoor family photos Redding California

Studio and outdoor family photos are great during the summer family reunions!

Studio and Outdoor Family Photos

Have you noticed it is getting a tad toasty outdoors for Studio and Outdoor Family Photos?

It may be great for Shasta Lake time on the houseboats and waterskiing or hiking up Lassen in the snow, but for family reunion or high school senior portraits you may want to think cool, comfortable and calm inside.
This time of year our main work focus is on those big family sessions when the gang gets together with multiple generations.

How often nowadays do you get together with all the grandparents, cousins, and siblings?

Weddings and funerals are the two main gather points. Weddings are hectic and funerals are just a little late to get everyone in the photo!

We can photograph your group in the studio, at your home or if we work early enough in the day before it gets hot and sweaty we can still shoot outdoors.

If you want nice and fresh green backgrounds, getting your session sooner is better than later. It will not take long to get the landscape in the North state to go crispy brown for those famous summer hues!

Remember too that Fathers Day is just around the corner.

We have lots of unique gifts that he would love to have this year.

Let’s create a portrait of Dad and his dog.

A boudoir session and book of wife for hubby.

Photoshoot of Dad and his kids.

Dad and his car or big bike.

Three generations of the boys in a beautiful canvas wall portrait.

When you need photos for your children, family, high school senior, glamour/boudoir, pet or headshots for business or modeling choose the studio

Redding votes as best in the North State year after year.  Located downtown Redding and by appointment only to best serve you with our full attention.

Call us at 244-2636 for your next photoshoot!

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Redding’s Best Photographer Again

Again thank you for choosing TA Schmidt Photography as Best of the North state!  Each year we add new products, props, backgrounds and styles to keep current with your needs and changing tastes.  With the only complete indoor and outdoor studio in the North state we love having our three distinct camera rooms and the private outdoor Hollywood style portrait park that is exclusive to our many customers.  For Children, High School Seniors, Family, Glamour, Business, Pet and commercial images and video we love making you look great. Consultations are always free so call 244-2636

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Once again TA Schmidt Photography has been awarded Redding
‘s Best Photographer for the largest and oldest studio in the North state.

to chat about your next project or photoshoot.

TA Schmidt Photography is the best senior picture place

Redding Senior Cheerleader

https://youtu.be/bW18C1Ic_Wg  Football season makes it tough to find senior photo times for players and cheerleaders. That is why we are open on Saturdays to shoot after the Friday Night Lights games.  Of course it is best do book your session after a local home game. Away games can be tough getting home late and then getting up early when you are a little nicked up or simply tired. Call 244-2636 for your 2016 senior session.

Redding's best buddy photographer

Redding Buddy Shots

Buddy shots for senior portrait sessions often have a great story. It could be lifelong friends that have traveled through the elementary school grades and survived middle and the first 3 years of high school. We also see team mates, the offensive line that stands together each Friday night  protecting the QB and blowing up holes for the backs to exploit.  My favorite buddies are family. Bring in a favorite uncle or Grandma that was the rock during tough times growing up. Or a brother or sister that holds a special bond no outsider can ever match. Who is your best buddy that should be in a photoshoot with you?

With less than two months before yearbook deadlines for all the local schools it is time to find a photographer that will create for you the images you want.  Remember, TA Schmidt Photography is the only complete studio with 3 inside camera rooms and a private portrait park. Plus the local shoots both in the area and on the Eureka coast. All Pinned Up is perfect for the girl’s hair and face MakeOver located right next door and still only $99 for the salon experience and full photoshoot.

Guys and girl athletes love the sport composites no matter what the activity. Show you passion and skills with the dramatic multi image panels which look best printed on metal! Call 244-2636 for your personal appointment. See and LIKE most recent work at https://www.facebook.com/TASchmidtPhotography

Redding's best buddy photographer

Best Buddy shots can be family, friends or even pets!