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The Real Redding Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Redding Business World

Are you an owner, dreamer or worker bee?

There are basically three kinds of people in the world that I see.
Those that are worker bees doing their time for a salary and a few days of paid vacation.
Those that want their own business some day to “be their own boss”.
Those running a real business, dealing with the marketing, insurance, regulations, taxes, staff and production details.
The SMART biz owners follow the E Myth principles with optimizing and delegating all the functions so they have a life. Do ball games with the kids, play a little golf and have time for personal growth and hobbies.
However that does not work with all career paths.
It’s hard for a surgeon to delegate that operation to remove some brain tumor.
Your lead singer and face of the band cannot send in replacements on tour if they would rather get some fishing in while on the coast.
An artist is selling their vision and talent so they are on the hook for any commissioned piece or job that comes along.
In other words, the business owns you more than you own it.
Plus, there is no such thing as being your own boss. When you have a business you have dozens, hundreds and maybe thousands of bosses. Every new customer is a boss that has their own way they want to work with you.
The upside if you like having the responsibility of success or failure, it is all on your shoulders. No where to point fingers but at the mirror to that good looking reflection staring back at you.
If you have a business that needs help with a marketing plan or photos for the website, social media, brochures, POP displays or your booth at the home show or county fair call us at 244-2636.
We love the art and science of marketing and may help you find some time off or extra cash for your next big move.


Redding talented kids

Redding has Talent

Redding talented kids

Redding has talent

One of my favorite things about running this portrait studio for over four decades is meeting the menagerie of kids and adults that have insane amounts of talent.

With adults, some are fortunate to have made their career highlighting this talent matrix.

Others,  like the weekend musicians playing small clubs or wedding receptions and dancers getting just one recital a year to show off the pent up passions.

So many painters and writers toil in the shadows.

Some hoping and waiting for the big break.

Far too many afraid of making the big leap into the unknown of public scrutiny and critique.

Then there are all those thousands of free thinking talented kids.

Fearless and determined to stand out from the masses.

Helped along by music and dance camps.

School clubs and virtual organizations..

Youtube and Google that give access to all the world’s information and training.

Kids nowadays are not good at only one thing anymore.

They are cross trained to do many things well!

I hope Mankind is pushed to the brink of a new Renaissance.

Blending all the new digital technology, instant communication and in-depth training with the minds of this new generation of information hungry children that do not fear the rapid changes.

There is an interesting spin written by Nina Haghighi talking about some of the pitfalls of multi talents here.

What Do You Want To Be?

Multipotentiality pulls kids in opposing directions. Do they take advantage of their academic abilities, and select the most rigorous scholastic options? Or do they nurture the talents that may not lead down such a conventional path?

When it’s time to get photos with your talent let us know.

It could be for yourself, your family, profiles photos for social media, a blog post or job application.

Remember at TA Schmidt Photography we do kids, high school seniors, family, glamour and boudoir, business photos, pets and even some video for limited business marketing use.

You can call 244-2636 to chat or email us at tom@finephotos.com.

Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt

Holiday Kids Photos

Great news, The Children’s Place in the Mt Shasta Mall and TA Schmidt Photography have teamed up to make your Holiday shopping for Grandparents so much easier.  Get a great set of clothing with the huge selection off center court while shopping at the Mall. Then call 244-2636 for your $25 two outfit studio session with Best of North State Photographer TA Schmidt. Slay the Christmas Rush by calling 244-2636 now to lock in your kid’s appointment.

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Redding’s Best Photographer Again

Again thank you for choosing TA Schmidt Photography as Best of the North state!  Each year we add new products, props, backgrounds and styles to keep current with your needs and changing tastes.  With the only complete indoor and outdoor studio in the North state we love having our three distinct camera rooms and the private outdoor Hollywood style portrait park that is exclusive to our many customers.  For Children, High School Seniors, Family, Glamour, Business, Pet and commercial images and video we love making you look great. Consultations are always free so call 244-2636

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Once again TA Schmidt Photography has been awarded Redding
‘s Best Photographer for the largest and oldest studio in the North state.

to chat about your next project or photoshoot.

TA Schmidt Photography is the best senior picture place

Redding Senior Cheerleader

https://youtu.be/bW18C1Ic_Wg  Football season makes it tough to find senior photo times for players and cheerleaders. That is why we are open on Saturdays to shoot after the Friday Night Lights games.  Of course it is best do book your session after a local home game. Away games can be tough getting home late and then getting up early when you are a little nicked up or simply tired. Call 244-2636 for your 2016 senior session.

Redding's best buddy photographer

Redding Buddy Shots

Buddy shots for senior portrait sessions often have a great story. It could be lifelong friends that have traveled through the elementary school grades and survived middle and the first 3 years of high school. We also see team mates, the offensive line that stands together each Friday night  protecting the QB and blowing up holes for the backs to exploit.  My favorite buddies are family. Bring in a favorite uncle or Grandma that was the rock during tough times growing up. Or a brother or sister that holds a special bond no outsider can ever match. Who is your best buddy that should be in a photoshoot with you?

With less than two months before yearbook deadlines for all the local schools it is time to find a photographer that will create for you the images you want.  Remember, TA Schmidt Photography is the only complete studio with 3 inside camera rooms and a private portrait park. Plus the local shoots both in the area and on the Eureka coast. All Pinned Up is perfect for the girl’s hair and face MakeOver located right next door and still only $99 for the salon experience and full photoshoot.

Guys and girl athletes love the sport composites no matter what the activity. Show you passion and skills with the dramatic multi image panels which look best printed on metal! Call 244-2636 for your personal appointment. See and LIKE most recent work at https://www.facebook.com/TASchmidtPhotography

Redding's best buddy photographer

Best Buddy shots can be family, friends or even pets!