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Fathers Day Ideal Gifts

Fathers Day Ideal Gifts

Fathers Day Ideal Gifts

Fathers Day Ideal Gifts

What does Daddy love more and will do more to protect than his family? Gather the gang for the ultimate Fathers Day present.

The greatest gift for dad and Fathers Dad?
Not a new boat or weekend in Vegas.
Definitely not another tie or new lawn mower for the back 40.
How about portraits of his family?
The kids are growing up so fast and he does not always have the time he needs to enjoy every moment of each special age. A great photo will capture those expressions and cute quirks that pass by far too quickly.
You can never go back.
Each passing year your memory of the unique stages will grow more dim. A photograph is something you can hold forever. Family sessions are still only $49 and we can happily work indoors in our cool studio when everyone else is outside sweating in the 100+ degree Redding summer.
Call 244-2636 for your spot on the calendar.
Senior 2018 portraits are starting now also. Complete indoors and outside photoshoots with 5 outfits, pets, pals, props and anything that will tell the story of who you are and where you are going.  Bring a senior buddy to get both of your sessions made back to back. Be there for a friend and help each other look your very best.
Girls can get makeovers for hair and face right next door at the salon of All Pinned Up. Just $49 for the former model to highlight your best features.
Call the studio at 244-2636 for a free tour of the facility. Chat about the best clothing to have you looking stunning.  Create something together that will be wonderful for the yearbook and even better for family and friends. The best deals of the year are early bird specials going on right now. Save some cash and stay out of the late summer heat!

Redding Valentine's Family Portraits with TASchmidt Photography

Redding Valentine’s Family Portraits

Redding Valentine's Family Portraits with TASchmidt Photography

Show you love with a family portrait with all those you care about in 2017

Redding Valentine’s Family Portraits

What is the greatest gift you can give to family for Valentine’s Day?
A family portrait of course.
Show and share the unity of your clan with a new family photo for the living room wall in your home. Show your kids how you value them with a great group portrait of all of you together.
Dress up for a classic formal look or dress down for casual and fun. Pets are always welcome so bring the furry critters so we can photograph the whole gang.

Call 244-2636 for your session.

Still only $49 for you photo shoot which includes the entire family and then “breakout” sets of just the parents, the kidlings, grandparents etc…
For the ladies if you want something unique this year for your guy our glamour sessions are in full swing for Valentine’s giving.
For just $99 you get a full hair and face MakeOver from Trina Fee at All Pinned Up right next door to the studio.
Plus a full studio boudoir/glamour photoshoot where you can bring 3-5 sassy and sexy outfits to surprise your hubby of BF.
Got questions or need ideas?
Call us at 244-2636.  We have been doing these for four decades so we have seen and dealt with any issue you can imagine.
BTW… the annual Adorable Kids Contest will kick into full stride after Feb 10, 2017.
For girls and boys ages newborn through 12 years each year we photograph the most fun and interesting kids in town.
It’s time to snow off hobbies, passions, interests, pet, and projects.
Only $99 per child and it includes a contest print for you and the program plus a 9×12 print from your favorite photo!
When you have more than one child we will also photograph them together.

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

Family reunion photo shoots

Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

It does not matter what time of year or what Holiday your family gathers… it’s time for a new portrait of your gang

Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb.
Coding software in The Valley.
My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays?
Catching up with the high school seniors I have done over the years. Each one has a new life, a new adventure, a new path that has their family thrilled with the progress and success.
I can see great things in the future for many of them. Leading America in politics, TV stars with super talents, defending our great country, inventing such cool stuff we cannot imagine yet what is in store for the world!
Sometimes they begin slowly. Starting at the bottom rung it is a small step towards a much bigger goal or destination.
Other times it is the first test, experiment, tryout in making a life long dream come true.
Time moves on and we all grow with our choices. Often a winding path that leads us to a career that we would have never expected. Other times it is if written in stone when we were a small child.
Do you still have family in town for the Christmas break? Do you want to catch the kids in new photos before they move away for good? Now is the time for pix with grandparents and extended families.
We still have a few openings on Weds, Friday and Saturday Morning before the New Year 2017 makes it’s debut. Groups up to 50 people with your Family reunion can be handled right here in the comfortable studio rain, snow, wind or shine outside.
Yes, pets are welcome so we can capture the entire family!


Call 244-2636 to grab one of the last sessions of 2016.

Redding's Best in North state TA Schmidt Photography shows how to make this Christmas portrait a treasure

How to make this Christmas portrait a treasure

How to make this Christmas portrait a treasure

Redding's Best in North state TA Schmidt Photography shows how to make this Christmas portrait a treasure

Home for the Holidays means time for a family portrait. How to make this Christmas portrait a treasure with proper clothing and style

Over 100 million people will be traveling this Holiday season starting this weekend. Some enjoying vacation time on ski trips and cruises while most heading home to see the family.
The college kids have finals wrapped up for the year and are looking forward to Mom’s home cooking and catching up with friends from high school.
Lots of military families are looking forward to having sons and daughters home for the first time in months or even years.
Is your clan gathering these last days of 2016?
Call 244-2636 to schedule your photoshoot.


The week after Christmas if a family member is home on leave and wears the uniform during the session your photoshoot is FREE PLUS we will BOGO your wall portraits on any prints 16×20 or larger! Times are limited so call to reserve your spot.
Let us help fine tune your photoshoot before you even get here!
Bringing the right clothing will help everyone look their best.
Avoid stripes, patterns and clothing with logos and printed word.
Look for longer sleeves to hide upper arms which will feature faces and expressions so much better.
The old rule in art still holds true… he/she who wears the lightest or brightest outfit will appear the largest!
To hide weight is simple, wear darker tones with V necklines.
Do we allow pets?
Yes, we love having you bring your dog(s) in to complete the family.
Have them groomed so they too can look their best in your family photo.
Also bring some favorite doggy treats in case we have to bribe to their the best of their behavior.
Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home yet?
There is no more excuses after this Christmas!

Redding's best Christmas photographer

How to Make the Perfect Christmas

How to Make the Perfect Christmas

Redding's best Christmas photographer

Take a moment this Christmas season to make a fresh new portrait of your kids and family. Make a memory for your home that will be passed on for generations.

Kids and Christmas.
The most exciting time of the year.
The seasonal sounds and music.
Traditional foods cooking in the kitchen and all…that…chocolate…
The family coming together for a sit down dinner to catch up on the year’s activity.
New schools, new jobs, new mates, new family members.

Do you have family coming home for the Holidays?

This is the time of year we do the most family and children portraits.
One of the rare moments the gang is all rounded up together.
The college kids home for break with the loads of laundry and begging for sleep and home cooked food.
Military personnel home on leave looking so sharp in their dress uniforms.
Brothers and sisters separated by work and families find their way home like a lost puppy in the night.
Make this year a special memory with a great photo of your kids and family.
Pets are alway welcome so be sure to bring your mutt with some dry treats we can use to bribe.
Keep the clothing simple.
Darker shades keep everyone looking more slender.
Avoid the patterns and stripes so the focus remains on you, the subjects.
Longer sleeves hide upper arms that most people do not want to see after age 16!
MakeOvers are available from our next door stylist All Pinned Up.
Family sessions from couples to over 40 people are still only $49 in our comfortable studio.
Kids photoshoots with two outfit changes are only $30. (With all the new clothing kids and teens get at Christmas it is the perfect time to get photos that you will love from this age)
Don’t miss out again this year.

Call 244-2636 to find a photo time for you.

Holiday Family Photos by Redding's best photographer

Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos by Redding's best photographer

Is your family home for this Christmas? Then make it a top priority to get new family portraits by calling TA SchmidtPhotography at 244-2636 now.

The kids are getting antsy with Christmas just weeks away.
You see it on TV, in the Mall, and hear it on the radio.
There is nothing like the Holidays to see the joy and excitement in a child’s expression.
Family this time of year finally gets the attention it deserves.
The phone calls from around the world.
Christmas cards updating you on what went on during 2016.
Family dinners and Holiday parties.
Is your family home for the Holidays?

Holiday Family Photos can and should be made now!

Yes, we are open before and after Christmas for family portraits.
Catch them while you can.
College students home on break.
Military leave brings home sons and daughters, fathers and moms.
Grandparents making a last trip to see the clan they started years ago.
We can do family sessions from couple all the way up to 40 or more family members right here in our custom studio.
You can even bring in your favorite pets to include all the members you love.
Portrait session consultations are free to help you choose the clothing which will have you all looking your very best.
Remember, a little pre-planning will do wonders for making your session stress free and even fun!
Your private time in the studio still runs only $49.
That includes photographing the entire family and even smaller groups like grandkids, couples and individual family units.
Often times you can see your proofs the same day!
Once you choose your favorite images you can expect your prints to be ready for pick up or mailing within 7-14 days depending on the Holiday schedule.
The average family spends between $300 and $1200 depending on how many photos, how large, what kind of finishes they want, albums , frames and panels.
Of course there is always a payment plan so you can get everything you want and then make easy monthly payments.

Call for your photoshoot at 244-2636.

Session times are limited and it’s alway first call, first served!

Furry Friend Photos

Furry Friend Photos

Furry Friend Photos

Christmas photos with your pets make great memories and even better gifts


Furry Friend Photos

Still looking for the perfect gift for parents and grandparents?

Give them something that only YOU can give.

A family portrait to capture this moment in your life with the entire gang including your pets!

Families with pets make the best gift ever for Christmas giving. You can always make Grandma happy with a new photo of the gang including the furry ones. There is still time to have your photoshoot and get prints back for under the tree.

Redding’s top photo studio for over four decades is available all before and during the Holidays to capture your family portrait.

There is no worry about the weather.

The TA Schmidt Photography studio is a real portrait business with regular hours and a place to gather up to 43 family members in your photo.

Call for a free clothing consultation so you all will look your best for the images that your entire troop will enjoy for years.

Yes, the TA Schmidt studio is pet friendly.

Your dog is as much part of the family as anyone else.

We would love to create your photos this year while you are gathered during Christmas break.

When the kids are back from school, military leave has your son or daughter home for a precious few days, grandparents have braved the winter travel… it is time to update your photos of the family.

Your complete studio photoshoot is only $49 and then you can pick and choose the photos you love the most.

The average client invests between $300-900 for their combination of prints albums,  panels and frames.

You can often see the images the same or very next day so traveling members can be involved in your selections.

You can also see what your images would look like in color, sepia or black and white before you make your order.

What are you waiting for again this year? Get your Furry Friend Photos at TA Schmidt Photography.

Call 244-2636 to schedule your session today.

turkey day

Thanksgiving Family Portraits

turkey day

No weather worries with studio portraits of your family on Thanksgiving weekend. Call 244-2636.

Thanksgiving Family Portraits

Turkey Day is sooo close I can smell the pumpkin pie hatching in the oven. That means the all the kids are out of school, our military folks are coming home on leave and grandma’s going over the river and though the woods to get to your house. These final fall and early winter Holidays are the best time for a family reunion which means the ONLY time for a real family portrait shoot.
All families large or small are welcome for sessions. Whether your get together is a small family of 4 or the whole gang of 50 we can make a special image for you to enjoy all the members forever. Casual or formal, with pets in you want, your chance to get a new photo is now.
This year as of 11/21/16 at 11 am we have only FOUR session times available for the Thanksgiving weekend. Two open spots on Friday afternoon and two on Saturday afternoon unless you want the 8 am early bird slot. Let’s chat about clothing before your shoot so you al will look your best best in the photos.
If there was just one secret to getting the right clothing picked remember the simple rules of art. He who wears the lights or brightest colors will appear the largest. So if everyone else is wearing medium to dark clothing and you bring your glowing white dress or shirt, you will appear as large a s drive in movie screen. Dark clothing hides weight so to appear thinner (which most people want nowadays) darker shades of clothing with no print and medium to longer sleeves is best. Of course we can talk more for your specific ideas when you are ready.
Call 244-2636 to snag the last of the photoshoot times.

Portraits with pets in Redding

Family pictures with pets

Family pictures with pets in Redding

Portraits with pets in Redding

Your pets are as much of the family as your kids according to many of our pet owning clients.

These are the final days for the annual Haven Humane Society Pets and People Photoshoots.

People ask all the time if we allow pets in the studio for sessions.

Does the Pope pray in the woods?

Yes, of course we do pet portraits!

We love pets for photos.

And your best bet is to do your photoshoot now during this last TA Schmidt Photography promo for Haven.

Your dawg is gonna bite your butt if you miss it again.

I am not kidding.

Once he is done chasing alley cats and protecting your house from the bad guys he will be very unhappy.

You know the look and sounds.

The evil eye he makes when you are holding out on that last bite of hotdog.

Or the low growling sound which reminds you of hearing your stomach after having that bad enchilada from the food truck in Tijuana.

You FAILED to fetch the one thing he has wanted all year.

The final Pets and People photoshoots to benefit the Haven Humane Society are just days away.

Really, for $30, the price of a big stink’in box of kitty litter you could have a photo session and portrait of your best buddy while helping Redding’s animal loving troops.

I hope I am not barking up the wrong tree but I though you really loved your pets.

It’s possible there is something fishy going on in your life right now.

But the cat is out of the bag because this is the FINAL year for the fundraiser by Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt.

Stop horsing around.

Don’t be a weinerdog.

You will feel like a real snake if you disappoint your magnificent mutt.

Click the link below to save a spot before the final photoshoots this month.


Your family home for Thanksgiving

Holiday portrait for Thanksgiving

Is your family home for Thanksgiving

Your family home for Thanksgiving

Let’s get your family together for a new portrait this Thanksgiving!

Yes indeed! As usual we await your arrival for Holiday pictures when your family has gathered.

We are open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving for your family portraits.

The two late holiday weekends are by far the most popular time to have new family photos made.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are the magnets that draw family together to celebrate the relationships and bonds.
Kids are back from college, military leaves have our service men and women coming home plus grandparents brave the travel to be with those they love.
It’s a time for catching up with the goings on of friends and family from your past.
A time for stories of joys and tragedy. Hopes and some failures. Successes and a few lessons learned.
You are with family so you can share your dreams and get trusted advise and perspective from the people who care the most.
Let’s make your 2-3-4 generation portrait while the gang is together this year.
In the studio with no worry about wind or rain.  Comfortable and controlled so everyone will look their very best.
Yes, you can bring the family pet.
Yes, we love to photograph all the different groups of families and relatives.
Yes, we want to chat with you about clothing so you all will fit in the make a portrait you will love forever.
Due to the number of sessions requested each Thanksgiving (and weather concerns and bare trees outdoors) we have time only for in studio photoshoots during the weekend.
Call 244-2636 with your credit card in hand to lock in your time. There is no time for excuses when the family is at hand. Too often your next opportunity will have someone missing.
Best in the North State family sessions are still only $49 whether you have just a simple couple or 50 members in your new TA Schmidt Photography holiday portrait.