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The Real Redding Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Redding Business World

Are you an owner, dreamer or worker bee?

There are basically three kinds of people in the world that I see.
Those that are worker bees doing their time for a salary and a few days of paid vacation.
Those that want their own business some day to “be their own boss”.
Those running a real business, dealing with the marketing, insurance, regulations, taxes, staff and production details.
The SMART biz owners follow the E Myth principles with optimizing and delegating all the functions so they have a life. Do ball games with the kids, play a little golf and have time for personal growth and hobbies.
However that does not work with all career paths.
It’s hard for a surgeon to delegate that operation to remove some brain tumor.
Your lead singer and face of the band cannot send in replacements on tour if they would rather get some fishing in while on the coast.
An artist is selling their vision and talent so they are on the hook for any commissioned piece or job that comes along.
In other words, the business owns you more than you own it.
Plus, there is no such thing as being your own boss. When you have a business you have dozens, hundreds and maybe thousands of bosses. Every new customer is a boss that has their own way they want to work with you.
The upside if you like having the responsibility of success or failure, it is all on your shoulders. No where to point fingers but at the mirror to that good looking reflection staring back at you.
If you have a business that needs help with a marketing plan or photos for the website, social media, brochures, POP displays or your booth at the home show or county fair call us at 244-2636.
We love the art and science of marketing and may help you find some time off or extra cash for your next big move.


Redding Open For Business Photos with TA Schmidt Photography

Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos with TA Schmidt Photography
Redding is Open For Business. The heart and soul of Redding… even America when you take in it’s vastness, is the Mom and Pop shops that serve the local customers. A family business contributes to employment, taxes, local color and innovation plus time and money to local charities and special causes.
It’s fun to look back on old maps and photos of the historical downtown Redding.
The old hotels, drug stores, feed and livery biz, the 5 & dimes, Docs and dentists.
Some of the names keep coming up year after year.
Many of the names end up on streets and sub-divisions.
Individually we are just a small speck in the business universe but taken as a group we drive the US economy.
How many entry level jobs have been created for those entering the workforce for the first time?
Teenagers getting their first taste of adult work with regular hours and responsibilities.
Returning military coming home with new skills and new appreciation for life and family.
Stay at home Moms jumping back into the workforce one the kids are off to school.
How often has a small operator blown up an idea into a huge franchise or corporate giant?
Do we have in our city limits the next McDonald’s or an idea that the TV show Shark Tank can make a huge success? 
Where else can you find and enjoy the unique foods, products and services that carry the finger print of the business owners’ personality and taste?
For 2017 choose your hard working local businesses. Keep your community strong and reward the effort and countless hours that are required to run a business in todays’s hyper competitive world.
Need photos?
Family, children, high school seniors, business, boudoir and pet photos done right here in Redding for over four decades.

Call 244-2636 to get on our schedule.

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

Family reunion photo shoots

Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays

Family reunion photo shoots with TA Schmidt Photography Redding's favorite photographer

It does not matter what time of year or what Holiday your family gathers… it’s time for a new portrait of your gang

Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb.
Coding software in The Valley.
My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays?
Catching up with the high school seniors I have done over the years. Each one has a new life, a new adventure, a new path that has their family thrilled with the progress and success.
I can see great things in the future for many of them. Leading America in politics, TV stars with super talents, defending our great country, inventing such cool stuff we cannot imagine yet what is in store for the world!
Sometimes they begin slowly. Starting at the bottom rung it is a small step towards a much bigger goal or destination.
Other times it is the first test, experiment, tryout in making a life long dream come true.
Time moves on and we all grow with our choices. Often a winding path that leads us to a career that we would have never expected. Other times it is if written in stone when we were a small child.
Do you still have family in town for the Christmas break? Do you want to catch the kids in new photos before they move away for good? Now is the time for pix with grandparents and extended families.
We still have a few openings on Weds, Friday and Saturday Morning before the New Year 2017 makes it’s debut. Groups up to 50 people with your Family reunion can be handled right here in the comfortable studio rain, snow, wind or shine outside.
Yes, pets are welcome so we can capture the entire family!


Call 244-2636 to grab one of the last sessions of 2016.

SendOutCards gold medal

Where’s Your Olympic Gold Medal?

SendOutCards gold medal

How to make your top performers gold medal winners

Where’s Your Gold Star or Medal?


So far it has been a magical 2016 Rio Olympics for a few super stars like swimmer Michael Phelps and the entire women’s gymnastic team. Record setting performances, personal triumphs of skill and artistry and finally years of work rewarded on the podium with some new gold jewelry


Redding once again is represented with our own Megan Rapinoe playing soccer for Team USA. With some luck she will once again lead the team and bring home the top prize with our wonderful American squad!


Can you imagine what it is like to be standing there on the top step of the podium accepting your reward for being the best?  


After years of training.


Endless work, injuries, training and re-hab.


Countless competitions, thousands of travel miles, tiny hotel rooms or sleeping in the back of the car while family drives cross country yet again. 


Can you hear the sounds, the roar, the music?


The National Anthem is playing in the background while your teammates, family and thousands of US fans are going crazy cheering your moment!


It must be a blur of pride, tears and relief from the pressure.


How will your life change?


How will your confidence grow?


What’s next? What new challenge and goal can your conquer?


For us mere mortals we seldom get an opportunity to be recognised for our efforts and skills. Once past grade school the “gold stars” and happy face stickers are replaced by monthly paychecks.


There is no anthem, no cheering or high fives.


A trip to the bank and you start all over again.


If you own a business, teach a class or lead a team you might want to find a simple inexpensive way to cheerlead your best performers and customers. A way to feature them, show gratitude and encourage them to keep growing and going.


There’s an app for that!


With your smartphone download the FREE SendOutCards app from your app store. Type in the activation code 12212. Now you can take a photo with your phone and send them a real card in the mail. (Even include a gift like awesome brownies or popular books) Your card will be printed the next business day and mailed directly to them!


Try it free. Your first two cards are a no charge demo to see how easy the program is to use anywhere you have access to your phone or internet on your computer.


You can use these for Thank You notes, invitations, prospecting, special events and of course follow-ups.


If you have 5 minutes I would be happy to guide you through the easy process.  (If you are under 50 years old you can do it almost blindfolded) Plus, I can show you how I use the program personally and for business.


Call me at 244-2636 to see how SOC can work best for you.

Redding's best photographer

Redding Photo Opps

It appears we have a week with no rain coming up. Time to get those outdoor chores quickly done before El Nino sends us our next drenching. It’s also a good time to get those photos you want done without dealing with the umbrella and rain coat. Business head shots to start 2016 off right. Adorable Kids Contest for children 12 years and younger. Valentine Boudoir photos. Family photos showing the 3-4-5 generations of your clan. Call 244-2636 for your appointment.

Redding's best photographer

Family portraits in Redding can be done in the studio all year our outdoors during Spring, Summer and Fall. Call for a free clothing consultation to make sure you look your best.

Best photographer Redding

New Year 2016

The New Year.
Whether you have a job or own a business you know there are changes ahead.
Digital and tech have transformed the world.
Companies downsize.
Work gets outsourced.
Robots take over the mundane tasks that require no thought or judgement.
The one thing that has not changed is you.
Your unique skillset.
Your insights and creative approach.
Your ability to deal with other humans.
How will you make 2016 better?
Start with a new photo for your profile and resume.
Make your first impression a lasting one.
Call 244-2636 for your appointment.

Best photographer Redding

Start the New Year with a new profile or resume photo to make your best first impression.

Weddings near Austin

Redding Photographer Part of Wizard Academy Book Photoshoot

Weddings near Austin

Outside Austin Texas is the famous Wizard Academy which hosts over 1000 weddings a year

Wizard Academy Chapel Dulcinea

Overlooking the Texas hill country past the bell tower pf Chapel Dulcinea

Chapel Dulcinea photo by TA Schmidt Photography

Evening light silhouettes the Wizard Academy Chapel Dulcinea.

Austin TX Wizard Academy

You will love the landscaping around the famous Wizard Academy

Texas business school

The Wizard Academy is for dreamers, artists, business owners and those with a thirst for uncommon knowledge.

Last week”s shoot in Texas was at the famous Wizard’s Academy, a crazy scientist school for business owners and creative professionals. Located just minutes outside of Austin in the beautiful hill country, a group of 17 photographers spent two days documenting the art and grounds for a new book that will share the history and back story once the final two building complexes are complete. If you are an artist, author, musician, business owner or marketer you need to know about the magic going on at the most unusual school you will ever encounter.

A unique feature of the school is the romantic vision they freely share with the world.  On the property is Chapel Dulcinea which will host over 1,000 free weddings this year. With it’s classic bell tower the open air venue is perfect for small events and will yield many great photos with the landscaped surroundings.


tom s

P.S. Looking to be one of the first ever in the world? The Academy is creating a ground breaking certified Scotch Sommelier program that is ideal for restaurants or to impress your dinner party friends. Showmanship, story telling, hard spirits history and of course developing the palate for fine alcohol will make the two year program an adventure.

Social media profile photos need to look great. Redding photogrpahy

Redding Business Headshot

Social media profile  photos need to look great. Redding photogrpahy

For business or personal use a good headshot is vital for your on line image. Redding photographer TA Schmidt can help you look your best.

What does it say about your personal or business brand when all your social media profiles and images feature you with a selfie? Do you look successful? Trustworthy? Knowledgeable?
When your first impression or lasting image can make a difference in your future business or social affairs it might be best to invest in a quality image that set you apart from the competition.
In the studio, your office or on site, the right vision, lighting, equipment and direction can make all the difference.
What’s your future worth to you…

(Also good for dating sites so you look awesome!)

See us this weekend at the 2015 Home and Garden Show in Anderson at the Fairgrounds. Watch our Facebook page or drop by for daily specials for seniors, children and family pix.

Get ready for our annual Woodland Nymph photo week in mid April! This is your only chance for this year to have your little girl be part of the famous fairy days photoshoot!

TA Schmidt Photography is the Best in the North State for family and business photos./

Last chance for Photo Christmas Cards

TA Schmidt Photography is the Best in the North State for family and business photos./

Now is the time for family or business Holiday card photos!

For your business or personal use there is still a little time left to get custom Holiday Cards created for this year.

Your photo session can be in the studio, outdoors (if not raining) at your business or in your home to make it as personal as possible.

Of course you can also use your own photos or artwork and then go to www.SendOutCards.com/12212

and have custom cards printed, stuffed, addressed and taken to the Post Office for as little as 93 cents each.

We have been using the program for 7 years now and love the 24 hour service and we never have to handle a card!

Call 244-2636 now to get your family or office schedule for a photoshoot.

You can also reserve a time for this year’s Frozen for Kids theme the first week in December for you child ages 3-10.

We have the props and clothing ready for you… just bring us your favorite daughter and grandchild!


tom s