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Glamour Portraits from TA Schmidt Photography

Feeling Pretty?

The most important question to ask when looking for a glamor/boudoir portrait photographer is “Can they help make me look and feel beautiful?”. Does your photographer understand how subtle posing differences can slenderize the body or emphasize a special curve or line. Will your photographer use a skilled variety of lighting to highlight the features you feel most confident in and use the shadows and negative space to hide those parts you do not want displayed? Is your photographer an expert on posing for you to look stunning and elegant or will they tell you to figure it out on your own? Is your photographer just a shutter hack telling you to smile or can he get a range of emotions from sweet to sexy to convey the mood your want in each of your portraits.
You will enjoy a real studio at Photography with three different themed camera rooms plus an outdoor portrait park for a wide variety of images. After your hair and face MakeOver (if you choose) your session will be a fun expression of who you are and who you want the viewer to enjoy. Once in from the the camera you can be any one you choose. Shy and sweet or bold and aggressive. During the session you will see the images instantly so you can work and create with the photographer to get the exact photos you want.
We recommend a free clothing and style consultation before your session. That way you are prepared to make it a Rock Star experience and it give the photographer a chance to collect and design the needed props and lighting for you to be your very best.

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