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Child Portraits with TA Schmidt Photography

It’s our mission to touch your heart – to allow you to see your children through the eyes of an artist. For you to own a special fleeting moment that cannot ever return. We do small things like provide toys and stimulation for the kids to reveal the real inner joy all children possess. We really pay attention every step of the way to be sure we understand what you want and you know what to expect.
Love what we do or you’ll get every penny back. We even guarantee your session – have a great session and get the results you want or we will re-shoot. We only want happy clients and we work real hard to make that happen every day with every single client.
It’s OK if you want a quick snapshot…but if so, we’re probably not the studio for you. Everyone wants great, natural expressions, not the cheesy fake smiles you see in school pictures. . We understand. Some clients have lots of ideas about what they want for their pictures and some clients have no idea. That’s why a free style and clothing consultation helps you get the images you want to share forever. Whatever camp you fall in and whatever you are after, we’re serious about creating unique portraits that you’ll love forever.
We have everything from Painted canvas wall portraits, metal wall decor, parent brag books for your purse, mini collages for your desk, mini albums for your side table, art books for your coffee table to framed single and collections of images for your walls – and lots more!

And humbly so, because in this business you never really stop learning. But, with over 37 years’ experience we won’t be practicing on you. You want to entrust an important milestone or a family picture that took you months to organize in the hands of someone like us – someone with the experience & knowledge to deliver what you want. Someone that understand the seven adages of childhood and the dynamics of how a family is posed and communicated with during the photo shoot.

Chain studios and lower-priced photographers may look good initially to your wallet but you’ll often find additional charges for everything extra you want. Not with TA Schmidt Photography! Our portrait prices are all-inclusive. You’ll always receive proper retouching to whiten the teeth, soften ages lines, removed blemishes and even swap heads on group photos to build the perfect image. Black and white or sepia options if you like and a couple clothing changes, if your child can endure them during the session are always free. We will not nickel and dime you with things you do not want to do not need.
We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, personal checks, money orders and of course cash. We also offer interest-free payment plans. You determine the amount and when you want to pay. We don’t bill you or call. Once your deposit reaches 50% of your total order we start the order and when you pay off the balance they will be ready for you to pick up and enjoy.
Your happiness is our #1 goal. We have special econo portrait packages but sometimes what you want doesn’t always fit into package guidelines. No worries, you get everything exactly like you want with bonuses added to your order. Some might say we’re expensive but if you love fine photography you’ll find we’re fairly priced for what we offer.
While you are viewing the results of your session and deciding what to purchase, we’ll offer you suggestions and alternatives but we’ll never pressure you into purchasing something you don’t want or can’t afford. That’s just how we work. We want you back again and we want you to bring your family and friends!

Now that everyone has a cellphone camera with them 24/7 and lots of friends are learning to use their Christmas gift camera you may be tempted to let them practice on you and your children. Let me remind you what happens when your child gets bored or is told to smile! Not only do you get nothing that you want from this age but you make in even more difficult for a real photographer to backtrack and get the heart and soul of your child on your next session. Please don’t judge all photographers by the fumbling mess you may get with neighbors and Craigslist posts!

The Adorable Kids Contest, Real Live Bunnies, Spring Fling, Tiny Dancers, Just Like Mommy/Daddy, Little Mermaids, Western RoundUp, Pets and Punks, Peek-A- Boo Santa and Christmas Wonder are some of the fun thematic sessions we offer most years. Each sessions tells a story with your child so it is not just a photo shoot but an experience your child will enjoy, learn from and remember for decades.


Studio Portrait Session $30

  • Free clothing and style consultation recommended.
  • Includes two outfits with multiple backgrounds, props, pets and poses.
  • Up to 45 minutes time.

Packages start at only $99

Local Outdoor Portrait Session $59

  • Free clothing and style consultation recommended.
  • Includes two outfits with multiple backgrounds, props, pets and poses.
  • Up to one hour time.

Packages start at only $149

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