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Redding family portraits

Redding weather is perfect for in studio family photos!

Redding family portraits

Redding family photos in the studio or outdoors. Local, at the beach around Eureka and San Diego sessions are available.

Today I booked another family session that ties to a child’s birthday.

The family had not been photographed for at least a decade and since the little girl is in that stage of little girl turning into a young women, it was time.

Mom’s first thought was an outdoor shoot.

Until she realized that all the trees are bare and the overall outdoor feeling is cool and grey.

So she had the option of waiting, hoping to arrange everything without issues later or schedule in the studio next week and know she has captured the moment.

A good idea.

It’s never wise to put off a session.

Things happen.

Schedules get full.

People move on.

Grandparents pass.

Make a memory when you can because you can always do it again later with a different style if things are still fine.


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