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Pageants, Performances and Modeling for Redding Kids

Headshots for portfolios, social media and resumes

Headshots for portfolios, social media and resumes

May I be blunt?

It bugs me to no end to see local parents getting ripped off every couple months by the touring farce that promise they can make you or your kid a highly paid model.

You know the drill.

Come to the hotel ball room and they will snap a couple quick shots of your child and say they see so much talent and potential.

Then, for ONLY $1,000-$2,000. $3000 or more they will get you a photoshoot and then email those wonderful images to all the agencies in the world!

Well, you also know the saying… there is a sucker born every minute.

There are soooo many things wrong with this deceptive game.

First, a little math.

Top models are RARE.

To expect to find 10-20 AMAZING local faces from a small town like ours is nuts.

The job is also brutal if you get even into the lower stages.

Competition is cut throat and networking is nearly as important as looks.

Models also do not get hired from emails.


Photographers cheat with their skills in Photoshop so what you see on an image is not always what you get in person.

A company is not going to risk an expensive and important shoot on a emailed photo.

The modeling agency and client will want to see the subject live.

Not in Redding but more than likely in LA or so other big city you have to fly to at your expense.

To compete with 20 OTHER great looking people that want the job at least as much as you.

The local gigs are fun and pageants are great for girls to learn to face the public but be aware of the reality of what is really going on.

And when you want a photographer, stay local with the guy that has been around for almost 40 years!


tom s