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Senior pictures

November rolls into Redding with lots of fall colors

Senior pictures

Fall is the perfect time for senior and family photos

With senior portraits nearing the end the family sessions are taking up more and more time during our limited window of opportunity to use the fall colors.

You can see them popping out everywhere with golden and rusty red hues.

Each day they get darker and more rich.

Until a big wind or rain washes them away for another year.

If you have not had a recent family portrait session made now is the time.

Great while the family is still together and before the kids outgrow this special age.

The weather is forecast great for the next 10 days or so.

Call the studio at 244-2636 to snap up your appointment.

With the time change remember we cannot shoot as late as late as during the summer.

Out last appointment is 3:30 to have enough good light to help make you look wonderful!


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