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Crazy Cool Critters with Redding Pet Photos

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Pet portraits with Redding photographer TA Schmidt come kin many sizes and shapes.

P1240383 P1240400Every year with our annual Haven Humane fundraising sessions we get at least one cool pet.

Maybe an exotic dog or mutt with character.

Sometimes a rescued racoon or brightly colored parrot.

This year we had a really “cool cat”.

That is the best part of this business.

You never know what your next session will be until they walk through the front door.

It could be a Christmas family, another high school senior or a new addition to the clan.

Portraits are the best way to bridge generations.

A simple way to tell your family story that can be passed down the line with no worry about what kind of electronic media will be needed to view.

Something to hold in your hands.

Something to share.

To wrap as a gift.

To give with love.


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