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How to get a great portrait with TA Schmidt Photography

How to get a great portrait

How to get a great portrait with TA Schmidt Photography

How to get a great portrait is a three step process.


How to get a great portrait…

is really a bit more complicated than it should be.

You could just sorta show up and hope for the best.

Or you could do a little bit of planning and prep by following our simple three step process.

First you want to decide what you want to do with the photo.

What is the end product you really want?

Is it for graduation pictures,  a sassy gift for boyfriend or husband, a headshot for your business card or to create a wonderful canvas print to be displayed over your home fireplace.

Do you want a formal or casual style.

Should the final image be vertical or horizontal?

Are you thinking color, black and white or a toned image?

Will it be framed for the wall, a canvas Museum Wrap or one of the sweet new metal prints?

Next, what will you (all) be wearing?

Even for an individual photo session we suggest bringing more than one outfit.

You know not all cuts and colors photograph like you would expect and having a change at hand guarantees you the look you want.

Of course the usual rules of art and design still apply, keep it simple, darker shades hide size and weight, nobody looks great in orange and avoid patterns and graphics.

Finally, believe it or not time of day is important!

For family and children’s sessions we strongly suggest mornings when everyone is fresh.

Yes, we know it is so much harder on Mom getting the gang together, fed, clothing and cleaned.

But Mom also knows that tired, cranky and hungry kids make for a nightmare photoshoot when it happens too late in the day!

Even adults have a good/bad time of day.

Some people are “puffy” in the morning.

Others can see and feel their skins and eyes sagging in the afternoon.

You choose the time that is best for you to get great results.

When you are ready to schedule your time call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 to lock down your time and even more helpful hints on how to get a great portrait.

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Redding’s Best Photographer Again

Again thank you for choosing TA Schmidt Photography as Best of the North state!  Each year we add new products, props, backgrounds and styles to keep current with your needs and changing tastes.  With the only complete indoor and outdoor studio in the North state we love having our three distinct camera rooms and the private outdoor Hollywood style portrait park that is exclusive to our many customers.  For Children, High School Seniors, Family, Glamour, Business, Pet and commercial images and video we love making you look great. Consultations are always free so call 244-2636

TA Schmidt is Redding's best photographer

Once again TA Schmidt Photography has been awarded Redding
‘s Best Photographer for the largest and oldest studio in the North state.

to chat about your next project or photoshoot.

Phone line down again at TA Schmidt Photography in Redding

It’s been a challenging last couple weeks.
Phone line was cut by work crew last week with a big boom and down for three days. Then the computer network with our schedule and accounting crashed for two days. Now, again I find the phone line severed from the building so we are back to email and Facebook communication. If you are trying to reach the studio your best bet again today is taschmidtphotography@gmail.com.
Of course we ARE BOOKING sessions for FROZEN for this Friday and Saturday for kids ages 3-10 years. And the Haven Humane sessions are still reserving times for all this December. Family sessions for the Christmas weekend are filling up quick so lock that in if you expect to have me available when your entire gang is together this year! I will post again when phone service is back.

Phone and computer issues have made it a rough few days doing business during the crazy time of year.  Don't give up... we are here and working for you!

Phone and computer issues have made it a rough few days doing business during the crazy time of year. Don’t give up… we are here and working for you!

Wedding photos

Wedding fun this last weekend in Redding

This is a sneak peek from the weekend… the second wedding I have done in the last decade!

Now I remember why we DO NOT do weddings.

The bride and family only sees you there for the day.

Six-ten-twelve hours of shooting yields a ton of images all that have to be processed.

First edit…over a thousand shots gone though one at a time to delete dorky looks, bad angles and lighting, people walking in front of the camera etc.

Second edit… over 700 shots to color correct and crop.

Third edit… over 600 shots arranged to tell the story, loaded onto the website for remote ordering and previews.

Fourth edit…. helping families choose their favs.

Fifth edit… final tweaks on selected images.

Sixth edit…. building and ordering the album and additional prints.

Seventh edit… sorting photos for various families and individuals.

The massive time involved is no where near what anyone but another photographer expects.


tom s

Bunny Rabbit

Giant Bunny Stalks North State Residents

Bun CU

Hide your carrots!

Stash your broccoli.

Giant Bunnies have invaded the North state eating everything in sight.

Even Shasta Dam is in peril as the hapless hoppers gnaw there way through our most famous icon.

Bunny attack

BTW…. April Fools!

But here are no April Fools that call 244-2636 to reserve a session with real live BABY bunnies at Photography. Two days only– this weekend April 4th and 5th– your child can be photographed in the studio with Scamp and Scooter, the sweetest little white bunnies you have ever held. Sessions are still only $25 per child. We suggest light toned clothing, shoes are optional as always and little girls with Spring hats are some of our favorite subjects.

Bunnies are back at Redding Photographer

Once a year we bring in the baby bunnies for two days only. That time is now… April 4th and 5th… next weekend!

Studio sessions are still only $25 per child (or adult!) and session slots are limited. This event sells out every year so book early to give your child a hands-on experience with real live baby bunnies.

Included FREE is an entry into the National 2014 Adorable Kids Contest with over $8,000 of prizes… if you child is twelve years or under.

Call the studio to reserve your spot at 244-2636. Leave a message if we are out photographing another client so we can call back to save your time and day.

Double bunny

Of course special Spring photo packages are available to share Grandma and other family members.

Welcome to Spring/Redding Photographer

Finally the Spring showers to bring on the wildflowers and lush green outdoors we enjoy through June each year. With the next week and a half of rain in the forcast we may be able to notch up the lake level a few more feet for the summer.

Maybe Mother Nature will time this right again this year so we get a warm and dry Cool April Nights later next month. Tis the season when the North state comes alive with outdoor activity. Rodeo week is right around the corner and then graduations for all the 2014 seniors.

There are still a couple Saturday openings for the Spring Fling kids sessions. You will love the new background and vintage set pieces for this year's Quicktakes. Still only $25 for your session and free Adorable Kids Contest entry. Call the studio at 244-2636 to lock down your time.


Final day of SloMoVideo at the Spring Home and Garden Show

Finally back in the studio this week prepping for the Kids Spring Fling shoot this weekend. We have a handful of sessions still open on Friday and Saturday if you want pix of the kids in their Easter duds. Sweet new background with lots of vintage props. Session still only $25 and you get free entry into the Adorable Kids Contest.

Sunday's ReddingSloMoVideo from the H&G Show is now live. The SloMo is ideal for wedding receptions rather than the traditional photo booth. With SloMo everyone gets in on the action and everyone gets to see and share all the action when the final product is posted to YouTube.

If you want your party to be memorable and leave your guests with something special to say they were part of the SloMoVideo can be a no brainer choice. Prices start at just $999 in the Redding area. Of course you can call 244-2636 to chat about your event and see if your dates are still available.