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TA Schmidt Photography photosgraphs all the Redding celebrities

Local Celebrity Photography

Finally, the first contest of 2017!

TA Schmidt Photography photosgraphs all the Redding celebrities

Do YOU look like a famous singer, movie star or political icon?

But first a quick story….
It’s true, I once dated a famous sitcom TV star.
Well, maybe “dated” is an over reaching term but I did have a 30 minute sit down lunch date with Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady of the Brandy Bunch fame!
Back in photo school college days down in Santa Barbara we had weekly assignments called EDL’s. Every Day Life journalistic photos made with our hand held camera rather than the big studio view cameras we spent most of our time working. Each week we had to capture some local unposed activity without all the studio prep we spent most of our time perfecting.
One week I noticed in the newspaper “Marcia” was coming to a local record store to sign autographs during their promotional tour for their newest album. Given a choice I have always preferred photographing pretty girls so I set up to photograph the throng of adoring fans crowding the store.
A few minutes into her signing her pen went dry and NOBODY in the group had one that worked. Being the prepared Boy Scout I have always been I reached into my camera bag for a tassel of pens that I passed on to her. She flashed a brief big smile and “thank you” then dove back into her fans.
She was there for about an hour signing albums, shirts and scraps of paper plus getting photographed with her fans just before noon. The crowd dwindled so in my usual shy self I asked if she was hungry and wanted to grab some lunch. Maureen grinned and said YES. So in the 30 minutes she had before the limo picked her up we had a quick bite to eat. I remember how tiny she was wearing a sleek ankle length black trench coat and tall boots. At 6’3” I towered over her as we walked to the cafe. We chatted mostly about what it was like being a TV star… the conversation ending far too quickly. Her ride arrived and was whisked off to her next appearance while I was left with film to process and print.
That brings me to our next contest…Local Celebrity Photography!

•••••A celebrity Look-a-Like project•••••

Do YOU look like a famous person? It can be a current star or someone from the distant past. Reply to the TA Schmidt Photography Facebook page with a photo of THEM and of YOU where we can see your resemblance.
Trina with All Pinned Up and I will choose a few subjects to get full FREE MakeOvers and Photo sessions to recreate the celebrity portrait. Of course we will show and share our favorite images here and on Facebook so if you are in witness protection you need not apply. Here is your chance to strut your stuff. Who do you want to look like?
For regular portraits of family, high school senior, kids, boudoir and business headshots you can always call us at 244-2636.

Your Christmas List

Your Christmas List Has Arrived

Your Christmas List is Here!

Your Christmas List

Let family and friends know what you really want for Christmas this year.


It should not be a secret.

Maybe it’s time you let folks in on your Christmas List.

You know, rather than getting another sweater you don’t need, the tie you don’t want, the book you have already read or some off the wall gift from Costco that has no place in your life.

There are things you want.

You need.

You could have this Christmas.

If people just knew exactly what you wanted.

Well now you can have it all.

And get an additional 8 wallets with your order for just a buck… a $42 value.

Click the link below to download the TA Schmidt Photography Your Christmas List Wish book.

Print it out.

Not once or twice.

But for as many people you hope to receive a gift from this year.

Than layout the Wish book with your choices checked in places family and friends will find your heart’s desires.

Now you can get that dream session and photos.

Of the family for updated portraits over the couch or fireplace.

With all the kids before they grow out of this special age of cute.

The sassy glamour session for you, hubby or boy friend.

With prints, books and special products.

This Christmas can be different.

No more running around returning gifts with the rest of the crazies digging through post Holiday sales.

You will have a gift under the tree this month that will bring years of joy for you and generations to come.

It’s easy and instant with the download after you go to the next page for the red click button.

Go to to download here:  https://nbn.samcart.com/products/your-christmas-list/

Do you have a TA Schmidt Photography portrait in your home yet?

Make this Christmas your very best ever… with Your Christmas List


Model Behavior- The Local Truth

Model Behavior at Redding's favorite photographer TA Schmidt Photography

If you want the challenge of the tough acting and model life you have to start somewhere!

So your little girl wants to become an actress or model.




Yes, your naive daughter is growing up and craves all the attention and adoration she sees on TV and on the web. She desperately wants all the pretty clothing and trinkets she thinks will make her happy and feel special.


But most of all she wants to to escape this boring life in a small town in Northern California. She wants nothing but good looking cool friends that never sweat the mundane chores of homework and keeping their room clean. She wants beach time in France or Australia, not another summer at the rocky shores of Whiskeytown.    


People may even stop you in the grocery store to tell you how beautiful your child is and how she should be in commercials. Immediately you morph into a shark smelling blood. You see the big $$$ signs and imagine the exciting  jet set lifestyle.  YOU would much rather be hanging with the Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo Dicaprio than that loser boss you have to deal with at work every day.


Model Behavior- The Local Truth


How tough can it be?


You snap a couple photos of your daughter doing “model poses” in the backyard with your iPhone and send them off to….who?


Or you attend one of the many “model discovery” meetings at the local hotels during the summer and somehow your child “has what it takes” to be the next star. You envision the moment in the near future when she puts her handprint in the sidewalk in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.


It really is a lovely fantasy.


Reality however is a bit more painful and time consuming.


I remember some years back, while leaving a Shasta College performance,  a precocious little 5 or 6 year old bundle of energy ran up and tugged my pants leg. I looked down to see a huge smile framed by a mop of curly hair, “Hi, my name is Tiffany!”

Redding model and headshots

(source: Wikipedia)

So I crouched down to her level and she fearlessly hopped up on one of my knees and swung an arm around my neck to chat. This was NOT a shy child! A moment later her Mom came up and introduced themselves to me. This was Tiffany Brissette, the tiny robot on the Saturday kids’ TV show,  Small Wonder.


Over several years I shot modeling and acting head shots for Tiffany here in my Redding studio. During this time I heard their stories of many fruitless drives or flights to LA for Look/Sees and auditions competing against dozens if not hundreds of other talented and beautiful children. The travel time and massive expense was brutal. But not as painful as the rejection. Each trip only one child walked away with a contract.


The same dynamic burdens the older models/actors.  If you want the big bucks and world wide fame you have to go South. LA, not Sacramento, Fresno or San Francisco, is where the action is and where you find the work.  Sadly, Redding has Zero big time modeling opps. Silly fashion shows, local TV commercials and the occasional print ad for the few area manufacturing companies is as good as it gets! Anyone telling you otherwise is just plain lying to you.


There are still two good reasons to invest in a Redding Model/Acting Headshot.


First, you want to defy the odds and take a chance at your big dream.  Then, get your basic head and body shot made here to take to the big agencies in LaLa land. You do NOT need a full expensive and elaborate portfolio at this point. If an agency does end up wanting to sign you they will do it their way with their own stylists, photographers and LOOKS to peddle you to the ad agencies and clients.


Or, you want to give your daughter the glamour experience of being a model. This makes a wonderful birthday or graduation gift that will be remembered and cherished forever. She will shine with her hair and makeup done for her and a chance to play and look good on camera. No boring cookie cutter school pictures here. These photos will created as a visual story that will highlight her best features and hide those little things she is least happy to share.


It is not as expensive as you would expect either. The basic studio photoshoot with a complete All Pinned Up makeover can be scheduled for as little as $99. You can always add more time and more locations if you wish to extend the opportunities for making awesome images.


When it’s time to put your little girl on the catwalk give us a ring.  Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636. Consultations are always free and studio tours available by appointment.

Photo restoration

Photo Restoration

We have been getting a bunch of calls about fixing old photos that have been torn, burned, wet and otherwise damaged. Throwback Thursdays will be a new weekly Special we have for scanning and restoring old images starting in December 2015. This time of year we get lots of calls for taking important old prints that are often damaged and bringing them back to nearly original without the folds, creases and tears or missing parts.
Your important photos never leave your control, the scanning is done while you wait here at the downtown studio so you never worry about damaging or losing the photos in the mail!  Professional album sized print scanning start at $9.25 per photo with discounts available for 3 or more. It’s best to have the photos out of the albums and not behind glass for best results and most economical pricing.
There is still time to have your photos ready for Holiday gifts if you act before December 5th. Call 244-2636 for your scanning appointment.

Photo restoration

Restore your treasured photos before it is too late! Damaged images can often be repaired to near original quality.

Redding's best Photographer

Redding Band Photography

Best Redding Photographer

TA Schmidt Photography does band promo shoots for just $399

#1Redding Photographer

TA Schmidt Photography does band promo shoots for just $399.00

Redding's best Photographer

TA Schmidt Photography does band promo photoshoots for just $399

Redding #1 Photographer

TA Schmidt Photography in Redding does band promo shoots for just $399

Redding Photographer

Look great when TA Schmidt Photography does band promo shoots for just $399


Got a break out band?

Need promo images for your CD cover, Facebook and profiles?

TA Schmidt Photography does studio band promo shoots for just $399 including the DVD with all images.

In the cool and comfortable studio you get 60 minutes to strut your stuff to start the branding of your group.

You get full rights top use anyway you wish.

MakeUp artist Trina Fee is available to work with your ladies to look smokin’ hot.

Maybe it’s time you look as good as you sound?

Call the studio at 244-2636 to schedule your time.

Engagement, formal bridal and bridal boudoir photos at TA Schmidt Photography

See TA Schmidt Photography at the Wedding Show

Engagment, formal bridals and bridal boudoir

Before and after MakeOver with All Pinned Up and TA Schmidt Photography

Engagement, formal bridal and bridal boudoir photos at TA Schmidt Photography

Reddings most elegant bridal photographer does not do weddings

Claws Nail salon Redding

Claws Nail salon Redding

FLP1270121xGetting married in 2015?

Don’t miss the Wedding Show Feb 8th at Simpson College from 11am-3pm.

All Pinned Up with Trina Fee, Claws Nail Salon and TA Schmidt Photography will be there to showcase the only total head to feet beauty bar and photo studio in the North state.

Imagine a place where you can get everything done to look spectacular for your hot date, prom, party or wedding and be just steps away from Redding’s favorite photographer TA Schmidt.

There will be LOTS of give-aways and special offers from the dozens of vendors for products and services.

TA Schmidt alone will be giving  to ten brides a set of 30 photo Save the Date cards or post wedding Thank You notes, one 2015 bride can win an engagement session with a 12×18 Museum Canvas print, plus another bride will get a sassy prize with Trina Fee for a Bridal Boudoir MakeOver, photo shoot with TA Schmidt and a 25 shot proof book!

Do remember though…. TA Schmidt does NOT doing weddings anymore.

Yes… Engagement sessions

Yes…Bridal Boudoir

Yes…Formal bridal gown portraits (often on display at reception and given to Dad)

Yes…Studio wedding formals

Love to have you stop by to chat with the team!


tom s

Adorable- National Children’s Portrait Contest

It’s our mission to touch your heart – to allow you to see your children through the eyes of an artist. For you to own a special fleeting moment that cannot ever return. We do small things like provide toys and stimulation for the kids to reveal the real inner joy all children possess. We really pay attention every step of the way to be sure we understand what you want and you know what to expect.