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Weddings, Commercial, senior and child photos

Weddings, Commercial, senior and child photos

Weddings, Commercial, senior and child photos
Weddings, Commercial, senior and child photos

Through the years there have been so many trends in baby portraits including the popular flower photos

Weddings and commercial work were the two mainstays for the studio when we opened 43 years ago. There were years I shot 60+ weddings by myself. There was one painful and tiring day with three full weddings on a single Saturday. A backyard wedding in Anderson at 9 am, a small church wedding in Redding at 2 pm and finally a big Italian wedding in Mt Shasta at 7pm that also cost me a CHP ticket getting there on time. I still remember not wanting to move or wake up the next day!
A few years later we added children and high school senior portraits. It was nice to even out the workload and it took care of the many clients with different ages in the family.
Here is one of my fav photos from the past when the craze with flowers and kids and silly sets was popular. We always tried to get customers what they wanted from what they saw on TV and magazines. Between my creative wife and Mom they always came up with props and backgrounds to keep up with the hottest trends.
Need photos now? Call or TEXT 244-2636 to see how we can create the photos you will treasure forever.

Kool April Nights Weekend

Kool April Nights Weekend

Kool April Nights Weekend

Kool April Nights Weekend

We have such a great variety of clients ranging from CEO’s needing head shots to newborns to rookie models heading off to Paris.

I just checked my iPhone and saw we have a full week of awesome weather for the first time since last fall.
Time for some hiking, yard work, gold panning, getting the portrait park ready for 2018 seniors and of course a ton of outdoor photo sessions before it gets too hot!
What a great time of year.
How can you lose this weekend when it’s National Blueberry Pie Day today and Kool April Nights weekend with all the kool cars and activities?
I am always on the lookout for my two favorite cars. Any mid 60’s Corvette or classic Auburn will get and hold my attention.
Beautiful cars, boats and airplanes with long sleek lines are very much line a beautiful woman. A real joy to photograph, to capture the best of the subject.
We have a full schedule the next couple days with some LAST MINUTE 2017 seniors and a ton of production work getting images ready for my three clients heading of to the Paris Fashion Week mid next month. There is a flurry of activity each Spring once the weather decides to be less neurotic. It really is the prefect time of year for outdoor work, family, senior and even business images!
Next on our schedule are two big promos. The annual Mothers Day family sessions and my favorite Rodeo Week events.
Get your tickets now for the Cowboy Pancake Breakfast. It is always a great time to see friends and customers you might not have seen for awhile. So dust off the cowboy hat and boots and be ready to Cowboy Up!
For all your photo needs… personal and business… you can call to chat 244-2636 or email me direct to tom@finephotos.com.

Glamour Photos

Sassy, sexy, saucy boudoir photos

•••Spring Glamour Boudoir Special•••

Glamour Photos

You can be anyone you want to be with the All Pinned Up Makeover and studio photoshoot from Redding’s only complete photo studio, TA Schmidt Photography.

There are so many reasons to do the glamour/boudoir photos this time of year.

Bridal Boudoir makes the perfect gift for him featuring you at your very best forever!

Mothers Day is an ideal time to look and feel like the beauty you have always been to your other half. Show him this post so HE can get you a gift certificate for the full MakeOver and Photoshoot. You will have a blast with the full treatment of feeling like a model and he will enjoy the results of his love looking great!

Fathers Day is also just around the corner. What do you think he would prefer? Another awful tie or some sassy photos of you?

Finally, the clock keeps ticking. You have thought about doing this unique kind of photoshoot but have always delayed it. Many of our boudoir sessions are done on milestone birthdays. Hitting the big Three Zero, fantastic forty or fab fifty is the ultimate excuse.

Now with any package order you also get a free app for his phone to enjoy you all the time, anywhere. Call 244-2636 for your complete MakeOver from All Pinned Up and photoshoot from TA Schmidt Photography for only $99!

Not ready to look stunning?

Maybe bring in your kids for the annual Adorable Kids Contest photoshoots.

Over $7,000 in national and regional prizes.

Great for girls and boys 12 years and under.

Bring two outfits. One nice look and a themed look that tells a story about your child.

Art, sports, “just like daddy or mommy”, a favorite props form grandpa…

Make your photoshoot as unique as your family with all it’s traditions and quirks!

Redding photographer

Redding Model Portfolios

Redding photographer

Are you ready for the runway?


We all enjoy those once a decade talents and looks that appear from time to time. Unique record setting athletes, musicians with the tunes to move your spirit, authors who can weave a spellbinding story keeping you turning the pages deep into the night.
One of our Friday’s sessions was a couple local girls I feel will go big with their special figures and faces. With All Pinned Up doing the hair and makeup we worked in the studio to create a wonderful portfolio session. Two sisters with impossibly long legs wanting to break into the runway modeling game.
It is a long journey with tons of competition but Redding has seen a handful of girls do pretty well. With dreams of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo the first step has been boldly taken.
With luck the girls will remember how the real day to day modeling profession works. Unless your are a bonafide “A Lister” where the world knows you by your first name your jobs will be mostly smaller biz with short deadlines and tighter budgets.
Which brings me to another from the trenches story of course….
Shooting national magazine ads for both Jhirmack and KMS years back I believe it was Jhirmack that came out with a new moisturizing shampoo. They needed photos in a hurry for the traveling hair shows and monthly print deadlines. All they wanted was a wonderful shot of a beautiful long haired girl in a natural setting with a huge waterfall pouring water over the happy model’s head and face.
Great, I thought…
Some exotic location to work.
But no, it had to be shot local and within days.
So we took two brave, tough, trusting favorite models of mine to Whiskeytown Park in the middle of November. In bathing suits they scrambled down into the freezing snow melt water where we could only get a quick handful of shots before they turned blue and the teeth started to chatter.
We would yank the first out of the falls, stuff her into a ski jacket to try and warm her up while we tortured the poor second model. Rinse and repeat. Back and forth they took turns without complaining, we shot a half dozen rolls of film looking for the one refreshing fun photo that did show the suffering they endured. What very small amount they were paid was not enough!
That being said… we do what it takes to get the shot you want. If you are looking for children, high school senior, Redding model portfolios, business, family portraits or boudoir/glamour Reddings one/two punch of talent is ready for your needs. TA Schmidt Photography and All Pinned Up can help you look your very best in your next photoshoot. Call 244-2636 to grab a time on our busy schedules.

Holiday Family Photos by Redding's best photographer

Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos by Redding's best photographer

Is your family home for this Christmas? Then make it a top priority to get new family portraits by calling TA SchmidtPhotography at 244-2636 now.

The kids are getting antsy with Christmas just weeks away.
You see it on TV, in the Mall, and hear it on the radio.
There is nothing like the Holidays to see the joy and excitement in a child’s expression.
Family this time of year finally gets the attention it deserves.
The phone calls from around the world.
Christmas cards updating you on what went on during 2016.
Family dinners and Holiday parties.
Is your family home for the Holidays?

Holiday Family Photos can and should be made now!

Yes, we are open before and after Christmas for family portraits.
Catch them while you can.
College students home on break.
Military leave brings home sons and daughters, fathers and moms.
Grandparents making a last trip to see the clan they started years ago.
We can do family sessions from couple all the way up to 40 or more family members right here in our custom studio.
You can even bring in your favorite pets to include all the members you love.
Portrait session consultations are free to help you choose the clothing which will have you all looking your very best.
Remember, a little pre-planning will do wonders for making your session stress free and even fun!
Your private time in the studio still runs only $49.
That includes photographing the entire family and even smaller groups like grandkids, couples and individual family units.
Often times you can see your proofs the same day!
Once you choose your favorite images you can expect your prints to be ready for pick up or mailing within 7-14 days depending on the Holiday schedule.
The average family spends between $300 and $1200 depending on how many photos, how large, what kind of finishes they want, albums , frames and panels.
Of course there is always a payment plan so you can get everything you want and then make easy monthly payments.

Call for your photoshoot at 244-2636.

Session times are limited and it’s alway first call, first served!

Senior pictures show personality

Senior pictures show personality


Senior pictures show personality

How can Senior pictures show personality? Easy… get involved with the creative process of clothing, props and style.

You do not have to settle for the cookie cutter yearbook shots that look like Grandma’s high school photos.

You are unique.

You have ideas, passions and interests.

You have a choice of which photographer can draw out the looks and stories you want to tell.

Bring your pets and props.

Wash up the car or motorcycle for pix with your first wheels.

Bring your best buddies, boy or girl friend.

Show your school for team colors.

Reveal your talents with musical instruments…. whether it is a simple flute or grand piano.

We can work indoors or outside. At your home or a meaningful place that has history with you and your family.

You can direct the images you want or let us do what we do best… make you look great and have a fun time in the process.

Seniors can be done all year long but our favorite time of year is fall with the beautiful colors outdoors.

Warm hues of gold and red are perfect for allowing skin tones to glow.

Plus it is cooler than the summer heat when most senior portraits are made.

Senior pictures show personality when you want to do more than the silly fake smile at the camera.

What is the depth of your thoughts?

Where will you be heading next year after graduation?

Is there a dream or goal yet formed in your mind?

How can we start the journey with great senior portraits right now?

Call us for a chat to see what we can do for you at 244-2636.

For high school senior, family, children, boudoir, pets, business and commercial photos we can help you create the look you want.

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

High school sports portraits

You got game? Show your fav sport with portraits from Best in the North state TA Schmidt Photography

The first Yearbook Deadline for the 2017 senior class is Monday. Do you have the photos you want for the class and Grad Ads? Ten years from now when you and friends look back at your photos will you see just the boring cookie cutter mug shot or a dynamic portrait that shows your style and interests? Will you settle for a grab shot in the backyard or park or get a true photo that reveals so fire in your belly?

Girls can still get a complete hair and face MakeOver for only $49 with All Pinned Up right next door to the TA Schmidt Photography building. Look your very best with curls, an updo, even Hollywood glamour hairstyles to set you apart from the rest of your friends.

Of course pets and props are alway encouraged. You can best tell your story with items that are meaningful to you. Collections, your art work, musical instruments, sporting gear, cars and bikes, hunting and fishing equipment and even costumes if you are part of the great local drama departments.

Morning and after school appointments are available first come, first served.  If you want to have the MOST fun you can double up with a senior friend so you can share the adventure and memories of the most fun shoot of your life. Remember also, get your family portraits done this fall before you head off to college. Once graduation is over it gets more and more difficult to get the entire gang together and you want to beware the grandparents are not getting any younger. A multi generation session is one of the best things you can do to preserve the family heritage.
Click the link below to snag your senior photo time if you dare.

kids pictures

Kids Pictures

Is your little monkey scheduled for the Adorable Kids Contest yet?
Boys and girls 12 years old and under can join the fun for an in studio, two outfit photoshoot that includes a print for Mom and one for the contest. Only $29 gets you a Best In The North State session and entry. Why bother with boring school pictures when you are guaranteed to get images you love with a unhurried fun session. Call 244-2636 to lock in your spot.

One clothing set should be a traditional nice looking combo.

The second set is the fun theme.

Tell a story about your child or parent or grandparent.

Hobbies, jobs, favorite teams, something bright and creative that tells more about your kids.

Of course clothing consultations are always free for children, high school seniors, family, glamour and boudoir and business photoshoot.

See why we are Best in the North State again this year and Redding’s favorite photo studio for decades.

kids pictures

Redding’s favorite photographer for children of all ages.

Best North state hike with photogrpaher TA Schmidt photography

Photos of Castle Crags

Best North state hike with photogrpaher TA Schmidt photography

Just minutes from Mt Shasta you can hike the Castle Crags trail which is loaded with photo opps all day long. A beautiful climb through the forest onto the the rocky face. Bring your camera like TA Schmidt Photography did to capture some of the best scenes in the north part of California. Lots of stops on the way up for views of the valley and Mt Shasta.  See what he is up to now at https://www.facebook.com/TASchmidtPhotography

Best North state hike with photogrpaher TA Schmidt photography
Best North state hike with photogrpaher TA Schmidt photography

A great hike less than an hour North of Redding is the beautiful Castle Crags. Be ready for a nice workout as it is a steep long climb on a nice trail.

Glamour makeover and pinup photography in Redding Ca

Redding Rodeo Week PinUps

Time to break out the cowboy boots and Stetson hat.



Bank Holdup.


Pancake Breakfast.

And of course… the RODEO.

Ladies you can catch the eye of your favorite bronc buster with a MakeOver and photoshoot with All Pinned Up and TA Schmidt Photography.

Call 244-2636 to rope your spot before the stampede begins!