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Kool April Nights Style

Kool April Nights  Style

Kool April Nights  StyleKool April Nights  StyleKool April Nights  StyleKool April Nights  Style
Kool April Nights

Show your Kool April Nights style with MakeUp and hair from Trina Fee

Kool April Nights  Style -packagesKool April Nights packages

Are you going to be checking out the fine wheels and folks at Kool April Nights?
Would you like to learn how to do that traditional Pin Up model makeup and hairstyling for the Cruise or dances?
You can now get fun group or private Pin Up Glamour Girl styling lessons for yourself… and better yet your entire car club of lady friends.
Plus you get get photos from the North State’s top Pin Up Photographer, TA Schmidt Photography.
Do your best American Graffiti imitation with the look and style of the fab 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
Call All Pinned Up at 510-2857 to reserve your spot for the hand on make-up training.
Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 for portraits to remember the week of deals and wheels.





What is your style from classic pin up to sexy vixen?

We got a bunch of questions about our Spring Glamour/Boudoir special so rather than having to answer them one by one here is a FAQ of the main things we keep hearing from you all…

Q. Does the studio supply clothing for the boudoir sessions?
A. No, you must bring your own outfits for a couple really good reasons. First and foremost is your hubby or BF is going to want to see you live in the awesome outfit after he sees the great images of you. Second, styles, sizes and colors that you might want to wear would require a warehouse of lingerie and dozens themed outfits. These images are a reflection of you and your style so we don’t want to even try and dictate how you look.

Q. What are the age restrictions on boudoir photos at the studio?
A. Real simple…18-80 years old. Like at the grocery store we check ID’s if you look younger than a sweet 30. We are NOT going to work with underage girls looking for quick thrills for the current boyfriend of the week. On the other end of the spectrum we have done several fun and beautiful sessions of women in their 70’s and 80’s. What a great gift for the 50th anniversary!

Q. Can the studio hide extra weight and wrinkles?
A. There is a special magic in proper posing, lighting and finally Photoshop art work to bodysculpt and refine the photos. You can choose the degree of work we do on your favorite images ranging from totally natural to more of a magazine style tuning of all the curves.

Q. “I have never been photographed like this before and am very shy”, can the studio help me look good and relaxed?
A. Yes, our story telling system of getting lots of good expressions insures you have a good time while getting plenty of poses to include in your order. After years of working with regular clients, models and high school seniors we know how to get the best look from you.

Q. “I want it sexy but do not want to show too much”, can you do that?
A. The clothing you bring determines what gets seen in the photos. Most clients want to highlight either bust, legs or bottom during the session along with loads of sassy expressions. What makes the photoshoot even more fun is we stop often for you to instantly see the images and you decide if you want to show off more or less.

Q. “Do I have to wear lingerie”?
A. Remember you can get the sexy boudoir style, the classic Retro PinUp style or create your own theme for shots as unique as you are. Our goal is to tell your story with the best photos you have ever had made.

Q. How does the BOGO Bridal Special work?
A. Usually it is the bride and one of her friends or the maid of honor coming in for the two for one special. You BOTH get the full All Pinned Up MakeOver and both get the full studio session with 3-5 outfits. You can even schedule the entire bridal party for a full day of BOGO sessions! Only $99 for the MakeOver and photoshoot for any two girls through April 25th while time slots are still available. Call 244-2636 to have a blast and to save your appointment.

Fashion Boudoir Portraits with TA Schmidt Photography

Fashion Boudoir Portraits

Fashion Boudoir Portraits

Fashion Boudoir Portraits with TA Schmidt Photography

Glamour and boudoir come in many styles from sweet to sexy, innocent to brazen.

I have always been fascinated by the fashion photography from the 50’s and 60’s. The mini skirts and bikinis were the start of a huge cultural shift that we still feel today. Those classic super star models from the era did not have the social media options to further their brand but they still were familiar faces around the world. Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, Veruschka, and my very favorite Jean Shrimpton were stunning across all the pages of international magazines.
Back in 1975 I crossed paths with one of the most famous models of all time. While attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara I was always looking for new willing subjects for assignments. One weekend I went to see a local production of the play South Pacific. The usherette was a cute blonde teenager with the most stunning eyes I have ever seen. So after the play I tracked her down back stage and gave her my phone number to have her Mom call with permission to photograph the young beauty.
Surprisingly her Mom called and gave me the address to pick up her daughter. The Montecito address in the hills above Santa Barbara should have been my first clue that I was waaaay out of my league. I pulled up to a gorgeous hacienda mansion in my clunky 1966 Ford Fairlane and felt outclassed and matched. I wanted to run back to my studio apartment and hide.
I was met at the front door by a gracious, friendly, tall beautiful women with a tinge of Brith accent. After a brief introduction and chat I took Georgia to a local park for a photoshoot with my old fashion 4×5 view camera (the kind you have to duck under a hood to see the upside down image and shoot with single sheet of film)
It went well and I dropped off the daughter knowing I had a few nice portraits. A few days later I went back to deliver a couple hand printed black and white photos and to thank them again.
As the Mom took the photos and looked them over she casually mentioned, “I’m Suzy Parker (the first model to ever earn over $100k a year) and I have a wonderful portfolio you may want to see sometime.” She then again said call sometime to see images made from the icons of photography and my photo hero Avedon.
I was trembling. In shock. Terrified. A scruffy 19 year old first year photography student standing before fashion royalty. SHE had invited me to come back and see her portfolio made over two decades of A level work.
I never called back. I was too intimidated to make the call. One of the few regrets in my life is missing that chance meeting. An opportunity to learn from the best in the world. Who knows, I may have made connections to intern with the great photographers of London and New York with her introduction?
That was the first and last time I have been in utter awe of a person on camera or off.
Speaking of fashion. A big thank you to Annie’s Styles and Stitches (227-3403) for use of her huge collection of rental dresses. Formals for Proms, Weddings and special events. Plus fun stuff like the minis we used here!
We are still shooting Valentine’s Day boudoir! Check here for your spot on our schedule…
Call 244-2636 for more info and to reserve your time.

Best Redding Studio is TA Schmidt Photography

Creative Portraits Make Valentine’s Day Special

Best Redding Studio is TA Schmidt Photography

We love the creative team working in downtown Redding!

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TA Schmidt’s Creative Portraits Can Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Downtown Redding is the perfect place to work.

The studio is only a block away from the Sacramento River so anytime I need a break I can walk or drive into Caldwell (Lake Redding) Park to enjoy one of the city’s best public features.

Plus you have the best restaurants in town all within a few blocks.
Cheesecakes Unlimited is practically across the street along with Chu’s Too for sushi. Robbie has done a great job with Clearie’s a block away. Deja Vu and Kobe and Market Street Steak House and Jack’s Grill all make sure you are never hungry on this side of town.

The best part of downtown is the creative force bubbling up East of I-5. There is a ton of talent I get to work with nearly every day.

All Pinned Up (510-2857) is wonderful for hair and makeup plus the great model you see here. Trina does 99% of our MakeOvers for seniors and boudoir/glamour/pinups.

The glam nails are from Carmen Herrera working next door in Claws (244-4100 or direct 366-7788). I am always seeing new and unique ways the girls are blinging up their nails plus the Claws building is really a Spa with all the services.

The great floral headpiece is from Redding Florist on Bechelli Lane (223-5000 Get your Valentines Day flowers early this year!)

Need photos or have a fun idea to stretch your creative muscles?

Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636. Valentine’s Gift Certificates are available now and VDay boudoir sessions are in full swing.

For your family, children, high school senior, business, pet and boudoir portraits the experience to do it right is with Redding’s largest and oldest studio. The only Master of Photography in Redding with a complete indoors and outside studio so you get the most variety and fun.

Best Redding Boudoir Studio, TA Schmidt Photography

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Redding's favorite photographer for over 4 decades

Go modern or traditional glamour, Go bold or go innocent boudoir.


Valentine’s Day Boudoir


You know how hard it is to buy something for your guy.

Something personal and thoughtful.

A gift that is memorable and playful.

It has to be better than some lame tie or magazine subscription.

Maybe something that is fun for you and surprising for him.

Something to remind him how lucky he is to have you.

Something to remind you how special and beautiful you are at this time in your life.

Boudoir and Glamour sessions have changed over the years.

You pick the style and the mood.

You can go bold and bare or dial it back to be sweet and innocent.

It all starts with a full MakeOver with All Pinned Up.

You never worry about your hair and photos style makeup.

Trina Fee our fav stylist located right next door does all the work for you.

Then it is time for your studio photoshoot.

Bring in 3-5 outfits that tell a story about you and your relationship.

Has be bought you some nifty clothing, jewelry or perfume?

Do you have some momentos from a trip you took together?

You should also bring something from him.

A dress shirt and tie.

Turnouts and helmet if he is a fireman.

Camo and favorite gun if he is a hunter.

We have had girls bring in his Harley motorcycle!

How can you best tell a story that is just for him?

Click below for more info and to reserve your time in the studio.

Or you can call 244-2636 to chat about what you have in mind for a mind blowing session that will have him talking for the rest of the year. 

Available for women 18 years and older only.

Also available if you want to do your own makeup if you feel comfortable with your skills.


Best Redding Photographer

Halloween Boudoir

Halloween Boudoir

You know it is totally crazy but we spend some $8 Billion each year in America on Halloween. Check out all the stores with the huge selection of costumes, candy and snacks, decorations and not to mention parties- it is one of the biggest events of the year and the kick off to the Holiday season.
And it’s not just for kids any more!
Adults also love to dress up and play out their fantasy personas.

And each year the styles get more and more creative and whacked!

This year for just two days you can capture the beast within!

Better than the hokey Blair Witch movies you can be the star with a scary cool photoshoot with your newest costume.

Now you can get a special 30 minute scary/sexy boudoir photo shoot in the studio with your sassy new look on Saturday Oct 29 or Monday the 31st.

Only $97 for your studio session plus you get the disk of all the images we take.

This two day offer is good for singles and couples and by reservation only.

Think how much fun you can have with your BFF or mate dressed to kill. Or just scare the daylights out of everyone. Or be the sexiest vampiress ever to stalk the darkened streets of Redding.

Obviously this is for only 18 and older!  No teenie bopers trying to run with the grown ups…

Spots are limited so call now for your Halloween Boudoir photoshoot.
Call 244-2636 to reserve your spot with your credit card.

PS. Not into the ghouls and gore but still want a boudoir/glamour photoshoot?

Christmas giving is the #1 time we do the boudoir sessions for prints and our famous albums.

Get your total hair and face makeover with All Pinned Up and then your studio photoshoot with Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt for only $129.

Redding black and white portraits

Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Hollywood Glamour Portraits



Looking for something exciting and clearly different for your next photoshoot?

Want to take on the diva personality and style of a Hollywood legend?

Tired of the kissy lipped selfie that is a clone of millions of others?

If you love the look and style of classic B&W Hollywood this photoshoot will be your ticket to stardom.

You start with a complete hair and face makeover to get the mood and look of the Golden Age.

Working with Trina Fee of All Pinned Up you decide on the hairstyle and makeup look to set the mood for your time on camera.

Are you looking for the sultry siren, mysterious maverick or innocent ingenue?

Next up you move next door to the TA Schmidt Photography studios.

Here we chat about what you would like to get from your photoshoot and we plan the lighting and poses.

Finally you are on camera.

Strike an elegant pose.

Assume the personality and look of your favorite actress.

Are you a Gabor, Leigh, Crawford or Shearer?

Now you know why the leading lady always gets her leading man.

Confident and always in control.

Will you be dining out after your session?

Will he take you dancing to show you off the the mere mortals of the world?

Where will you display your finished images?

A lovely wall portrait over the fireplace or sofa.

An intimate image in the bedroom to remind you each morning of the power and charm you possess.

Maybe a photo album with many images to show the different images you adore?

It’s time to do it now.

Call TA Schmidt at 244-2636 to set up your Hollywood Glamour Portraits adventure.

You get it all.  MakeOver, studio photoshoot and tons of proofs to choose from all for only $129.

Don’t wait for Hollywood to come calling.

Show up on the scene when you want!

Engagement and bridal boudoir headquarters

Engagement and Bridal Boudoir Headquarters

Engagement and bridal boudoir headquarters
Engagement and Bridal Boudoir Headquarters
That time of year again when engagements sessions, Save the Date shoots and formal bridal sessions keep the studio humming. Young and excited couples looking forward to a new life and the adventure of building their own new family. With all the hustle and bustle of finding venues and vendors it’s great to have a previous relationship with a photographer you and can do the job of getting you and your love looking great together.
Remember, we do not do the traditional on-site wedding photos, but are happy to do studio formals without all the time pressure and ruckus of wedding day imagery. The bride and groom, wedding party and family can easily be photographed in the studio before most Saturday afternoon ceremonies. Some couples choose to do it the day before as part of the rehearsal evening.
If you have family and friends doing your wedding photos this is the perfect way to get great images of the important folks and to best show off the wedding dress and accessories.  Also, if your chosen wedding photographer missed an important shot or if you did not like the “natural lighting” of your outdoor wedding photographs we can recreate the magic of your wedding day with proper lighting and posing to help you look wonderful.
Still looking for a wedding gift for the groom to be?
There is nothing more important to the groom right now than you. In his eyes you are the Goddess he has waited a lifetime to hold. Now you can give him a treat that will freeze that vision in time. The bridal boudoir book is a stunning gift you both will enjoy for decades. While you are looking your very best capture the sassy and sexy you! With your wedding gown, with lingerie and with special themes to make your photos unique to his loves and passions.
Call 244-2636 to schedule your photo time.

Kool April Nights Pin UP

Kool April Nights Pin UP Photoshoot

It’s that time of year for a Kool April Nights Pin Up Photoshoot!

Once a year in late Spring the cool cars cruise all of Redding for a week of music, Show and Shines. dances, stories and old friends coming together.

Decades of classics tour through the streets during the annual event held mostly along on Hilltop Drive and all around the Redding Civic Auditorium near Turtle Bay and the Sundial Bridge.

You can watch the cars go by for hours. Oldies but goodies followed by the bad boy muscle cars and even some of the newer sports cars and trucks.

You will see the cherry modern sports cars right next to the funky old Volkswagen Bug Vans so the contrast and irony are a fun evening experience!

So, what’s your favorite ride?

The dream car you have always wanted to own?

Are you loving the iconic 50’s Bel Airs or leaning towards the mid 60’s Vettes?

Or do you prefer old school Models A’s and T’s?

Still my favorite era cars ever would be the Duesenberg or the Auburn!

Unless of course I can get hold of a modern classic like the Audio R8  which I would still need to “try on” to see if we can get most of my 6″3′ into it…

Remember,  if you have a set of wheels you would like a family or boudoir photograph with that can be arranged.

Family portraits outdoors in the cool Spring or Fall with your project car make a great story telling opportunity.

      Get your Kool April Nights Pin UP Photoshoot now!

A wall portrait of the family is a great piece of artwork you can display over the fireplace or couch and should be the statement focal point in the room.

The Pin Up glamour sessions with makeup artist Trina Fee from All Pinned Up are simply a blast to do. On camera you can glam it up to your hearts content with the period clothing, makeup and hair.

When you are ready for your next photo shoot call Redding’s best photographer at 244-2636. You will see why we have been the area favorite for over 40 years!

Check out the Kool April Nights schedule of fun at http://www.koolaprilnites.com/

Boudoir and Lingerie Redding photo session

Boudoir and Lingerie Photoshoot

The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

While the earliest boudoir photography is only about 140 years old the celebration of the female form goes back centuries even beyond the historical famed drawings, sculpture and paintings of Venus and Aphrodite’s.

If you have taken any college level art classes you may have seen dozens of “reclining nudes” like the Amedeo Modigliani painting – that fetched $170.4 million recently in auction. There are also more than a few of the “Nude Descending a Staircase” themes displayed in museums around the world. These classics have been the guide and inspiration to artists around the world.

For years we have photographed local women in the studio, at their homes, expensive resorts and even on the coast above Eureka with variations of the tradition and pin up styles. These have been very popular with soon-to-be brides as a gift to husband while the bride is at her physical peak. ( A lingerie photoshoot with her wedding day garments and dress can be stunning) As a gift they are often given for Valentine’s Day, Christmas presents, birthdays and anniversaries. The Boudoir and Lingerie Photoshoot is most popular on milestone birthday for women. Those “zero years”,  30-40-50-60 have special meaning and require something extra. As one glamour client said, “I am not getting any younger. It all looks good right now so I better do it while I still can!”.

That’s why we added a new style and updated the look this year with our snow bunny outdoor boudoir experience. With all the skiers enjoying the new found snow it was the perfect time to break out of the classic old mold and do something fresh, exciting and new. (Of course we could do this whole thing in the studio with a green screen technique but you would loose the story and adventure!) These are NOT for the faint of heart. It was 30 degrees during the session which you know is two degrees below FREEZING!

Snowbunny boudoir sessions are available now for just $299 for two women (18 and above please) including an All Pinned Up Makeover and very chilly photoshoot in the snow. Of course this is a limited time offer due to weather! Call 244-2636 to lock in your time.

See more of what creative projects are happening at Redding’s favorite photographer for four decades at http//www.finephotos.com