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On line resource for small business

If you own a local business you know the feeling of being restricted and constrained by the local economy. When times are booming things are good but more often things are a struggle and you need some advantage to keep the sales coming through the door.

We all need some way to get on-line easy for sales and simple one step upsells. This is what I did late last year. Here is a note from the guy that made the system simple enough for me to use…

I feel your pain. Or at least I did when I started my online business
a few years ago.

Figuring out the all complicated tools that people say you HAVE to
have is close to impossible if you’re not a techie.

And the cost for all that technology? Outrageous.

Sound familiar?

All that frustration, exhaustion and at times, downright despair was
the what drove a young entrepreneur named Brian Moran at SamCart
to develop a revolutionary new way to sell stuff online.

One that was totally intuitive. Completely non-techie…

And quite frankly, one that helped him — and me — make a LOT
more sales than the guys who actually know how to use all that
complicated software.

Want to know what it is — and how he got out of the exact same
shoes you’re in now?

Then settle in to watch How to Radically Simplify Selling Online
which is Module #1 of a three-part SamCart video Master-Class that
they are giving away FREE now through August 17th.

Click here to see it now >>> https://checkout.samcart.com/refe…/mLTUbFVX/HesuzLuvwNTrgZpO


The great thing is, in addition to being absolutely FREE, there’s
NO EMAIL OPTIN required to see this video PLUS 2 others in this
newly released SamCart Master Class course.

This first video will take you along on a journey that took Brian
from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to enjoying the freedom
(both in terms of time and finances) that he’d always dreamed an
online business would give him.

In it, you’ll discover a new way, a better way, and best of all a
1,000% EASIER way to start selling tons of stuff online.

Unlike other marketers who might take three weeks to release
a 3-part video Master Class like this one — then make you wait
6-8 weeks to get the actual course — SamCart is giving you
access to the complete course (45 minutes total and worth every
minute) today.

And like I said, you can watch it completely FREE of charge.

It’s not very often — if ever — that a company like SamCart that
makes and SELLS courses for hundreds of dollars, gives you
the chance to watch the whole thing at no charge.

So don’t miss out. Go see it now.

Take it easy,

Tom Schmidt

P.S. SamCart typically charges close to $1,000 for a video Master
Class like this one. But Brian told me he feels like it’s so important
to get the information out to people who want to start an online
business — or seriously scale up an existing one — that he wanted
to give it to you FREE.

Only catch is that it’s only going to be up until August 17th — so watch it NOW.

The Real Redding Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Redding Business World

Are you an owner, dreamer or worker bee?

There are basically three kinds of people in the world that I see.
Those that are worker bees doing their time for a salary and a few days of paid vacation.
Those that want their own business some day to “be their own boss”.
Those running a real business, dealing with the marketing, insurance, regulations, taxes, staff and production details.
The SMART biz owners follow the E Myth principles with optimizing and delegating all the functions so they have a life. Do ball games with the kids, play a little golf and have time for personal growth and hobbies.
However that does not work with all career paths.
It’s hard for a surgeon to delegate that operation to remove some brain tumor.
Your lead singer and face of the band cannot send in replacements on tour if they would rather get some fishing in while on the coast.
An artist is selling their vision and talent so they are on the hook for any commissioned piece or job that comes along.
In other words, the business owns you more than you own it.
Plus, there is no such thing as being your own boss. When you have a business you have dozens, hundreds and maybe thousands of bosses. Every new customer is a boss that has their own way they want to work with you.
The upside if you like having the responsibility of success or failure, it is all on your shoulders. No where to point fingers but at the mirror to that good looking reflection staring back at you.
If you have a business that needs help with a marketing plan or photos for the website, social media, brochures, POP displays or your booth at the home show or county fair call us at 244-2636.
We love the art and science of marketing and may help you find some time off or extra cash for your next big move.


Get your best headshot

Get your best headshot

Get your best headshot

Get your best headshot

When you need a great headshot for business or personal use call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636

A main staple of any model or actors portfolio is a strong headshot. Just like your profile photo, business card portrait or resume image it will most often be the first impression people get from you.
It is how you are remembered and perceived.
It will set the tone for future engagement.
It can elevate or crush your credibility.
So what is it worth to you?
Will the free backyard selfie be “good enough” considering the lifetime value of a memory and networking possibilities?
Can the small $99 investment in a headshot session and single digital file be earned back many times over in this connected internet age?
Let TA Schmidt Photography help craft your image for business and personal use. Call 244-2636 for your appointment.

The band played on with great PR pix from TA Schmidt Photography

The band played on

The band played on

The band played on with great PR pix from TA Schmidt Photography

Your business or side gig needs great photos to keep you in the limelight.

My kind of crazy.
One of the main reasons I enjoy photography is the fact you never really know who or what will walk through the door as you next photoshoot.
There is a general idea.
It could be a newborn baby.
It could be a high school senior.
Maybe a family or a biz headshot.
Each and every subject has a story to tell with the photos.
Which makes photographing bands a total head trip.
Each band member brings their own creative spark.
They possess a love for music and to be entertaining.
Plus all of them have just a bit of nutso crazy embedded deep inside to keep things moving and interesting.
Do you have a story to tell with a portrait for you, your family or business?
Call 244-2636.
Let the world see your true story…

Headshots for business and family

Headshots for business and family

Headshots for business and family

Headshots for business and family

For your profile, family, resume, dating site or just an update in case you need it.


We are two months into the new year already so it might be time to access the systems and goals we created just weeks ago.


How are things going so far?

Is that book you want to write still in your head or has ink hit paper yet? Have you found a place to open that new business you have been dreaming about? How many people have you added to your network that can be a valuable resource the rest of the year?

Life happens. Stuff happens. The shiny objects appear from nowhere to drag you down another rabbit hole and stop you from doing the important stuff.

What is the one thing you can do today that will give you the most positive impact on your life? Why not do it now?

When you are ready for photos to document your successes, when you need portraits for your family or business, if you need pictures for your website, brochure or banners give us a call at 244-2636. Lately we have been doing a ton of headshots for profiles, resumes, book covers, dating sites and even a bus ad!

Motion makes momentum. It might be time now to kick some serious butt for 2017.

Remember, we have the North state’s only complete indoor and outside studio portrait complex. Three camera room with tons of backgrounds and props to shoot rain or shine. You can get children, high school senior, family, business, pet, boudoir portraits made to have you looking your best.  We love people who hate being photographed! It’s about time you see how fun a good photo session can be when you work together with a photographer trained in posing, lighting and drawing out the best expressions.

Redding Open For Business Photos with TA Schmidt Photography

Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos

Redding Open For Business Photos with TA Schmidt Photography
Redding is Open For Business. The heart and soul of Redding… even America when you take in it’s vastness, is the Mom and Pop shops that serve the local customers. A family business contributes to employment, taxes, local color and innovation plus time and money to local charities and special causes.
It’s fun to look back on old maps and photos of the historical downtown Redding.
The old hotels, drug stores, feed and livery biz, the 5 & dimes, Docs and dentists.
Some of the names keep coming up year after year.
Many of the names end up on streets and sub-divisions.
Individually we are just a small speck in the business universe but taken as a group we drive the US economy.
How many entry level jobs have been created for those entering the workforce for the first time?
Teenagers getting their first taste of adult work with regular hours and responsibilities.
Returning military coming home with new skills and new appreciation for life and family.
Stay at home Moms jumping back into the workforce one the kids are off to school.
How often has a small operator blown up an idea into a huge franchise or corporate giant?
Do we have in our city limits the next McDonald’s or an idea that the TV show Shark Tank can make a huge success? 
Where else can you find and enjoy the unique foods, products and services that carry the finger print of the business owners’ personality and taste?
For 2017 choose your hard working local businesses. Keep your community strong and reward the effort and countless hours that are required to run a business in todays’s hyper competitive world.
Need photos?
Family, children, high school seniors, business, boudoir and pet photos done right here in Redding for over four decades.

Call 244-2636 to get on our schedule.

Soon to be famous?

Soon to be famous?

Soon to be famous?

Soon to be famous?

Authors, owners, politicians, models and hopefuls all need a great headshot

We do a lot of headshots.
Business folks for their profiles, business cards, websites and blogs.
Authors for their book jackets and sales pages.
Wanna be models for their Zed cards and look-sees.
Some famous, some soon to be famous, some quite content just to carry on.
You decide to make it formal or casual or a little bit of both for your photoshoot.
A classic front on headshot or something with a tad more personality.
What clothing will you wear to make your debut?
You know what they say about first impressions….
Did you want color or will black and white fit your style?
Fun and happy or more serious and maybe even a bit moody.
What is your photos trying…needing to say about you?
Powerful or approachable?
Smart or sweet?
Or all of it layered together making a unique you.
When you need an updated portrait call us at 244-2636.
The session and your first images on CD with all photos rights is only $99.
We usually have them ready for you in a couple regular work days but we have been known to get them out the same day when a event is looming large.
Not to worry…it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside.
We have a real studio to work in.
Not a shot in the park with the wind blowing and bad lighting.
Be a pro.
Look like a pro.
Do you have a TA Schmidt photo in your home yet?
Headshots are only the beginning. Family sessions this time of year are a big deal when the gang gathers for the Holidays.
Plus lots of children of all ages.
High school senior portraits that don’t look like the cookie cutter yearbook shots.
Pets right now for the Haven Human fundraiser during November 2016.
Glamour and boudoir for gifts and spoiling yourself.
Maybe it’s time for you to make the call.
Easy, 244-2636.
We have been waiting fro you.

Your Headshot...Your Brand

Your Headshot…Your Brand

Your Headshot...Your Brand

Headshots can be simple or exciting and dynamic. Don’t settle for a portrait that looks like an old passport photo!

Your Headshot…Your Brand

Headshots are still the staple of portrait photography.

Use them for on-line profiles, pageants, job applications, branding, senior portraits and gifts.

They can be for children or adults seeking to improve their lot in life.  Photogenic contests or applications for residency to a hospital. Dating sites or making the move to that next new job. Blog posts or business cards.

They don’t HAVE to look like DMV mugshots.

You can get photos that have fun, playful, mischievous, energetic expressions that reveal your true personality. Or you can dial it back some and get a classic more business-like look.
Really, they don’t HAVE to look like your Mom shot the photo in the backyard with her 2010 smartphone.

The poor lighting outdoors and distractions behind the subject make many headshots a very poor showing for your first impression.
Even a simple headshot can show personality and energy. Use your photo to make a statement and make your brand MEMORABLE!
We had the pleasure of a photoshoot with Shasta County’s entry into the Miss California program.

Good luck Candace… we are all cheering for ya!

For all your photo needs- high school senior portraits, children, family, pets and business we are here to help. We continue to almost everything but weddings!

For yours call 244-2636. We are open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and on Saturdays by appointment. It is always best to call before you drop by in case we are shooting on location 

here or on the beaches around Eureka this time of year.

Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home yet? We offer traditional prints, canvas and even printed onto steel. Also you can get custom albums/photo books to share a wide selection of your favorite images.

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots for business, pageants, modeling and acting.

Beer pong photos don’t make it…

Each year at the beginning of summer across the nation thousands of college seniors grab their diploma and make their way into the real work of business. The long journey and reminders of the student loans make this time full of anxiety while looking for and getting comfortable with that first post grad job.
After four years of theory and case study the reality of life presents challenges and opportunities that may not have been covered in textbooks and class. For one, things happen so much faster in the world’s marketplace. Weekly assignments and month long term papers are unlike projects that have hard money and human lives in tow.
An area of immediate concern is their social media savvy level.
The fun and high jinx of college days are best fondly remembered but not shared on Facebook and Instagram. Profile photos that show the immature dweeb doing regrettable pranks are public for all to see.  A better image might be the budding professional so not to hurt prospects at interviews and the in depth research more and more companies are doing to protect against bad hires.
Studio headshots for business, acting, pageants and modeling are available from Redding’s only indoor/outdoor portrait studio.  You get a full series of images showing off different parts of your personality. Smiles and not, tight head and shoulders and more 3/4 views. You can use these all for profiles, business cards, blog posts and even billboards if you have a large local presence.
As always we are happy to help you choose the best clothing and style of images with a FREE phone or in studio clothing consultation.
Once the photoshoot is complete you usually get to see the images the very next day… and if you are in a big rush often we can “flip” the images for immediate viewing and selection.
Make a great first impression with a wonderful photo by calling 244-2636 for your appointment.

SendOutCards gold medal

Where’s Your Olympic Gold Medal?

SendOutCards gold medal

How to make your top performers gold medal winners

Where’s Your Gold Star or Medal?


So far it has been a magical 2016 Rio Olympics for a few super stars like swimmer Michael Phelps and the entire women’s gymnastic team. Record setting performances, personal triumphs of skill and artistry and finally years of work rewarded on the podium with some new gold jewelry


Redding once again is represented with our own Megan Rapinoe playing soccer for Team USA. With some luck she will once again lead the team and bring home the top prize with our wonderful American squad!


Can you imagine what it is like to be standing there on the top step of the podium accepting your reward for being the best?  


After years of training.


Endless work, injuries, training and re-hab.


Countless competitions, thousands of travel miles, tiny hotel rooms or sleeping in the back of the car while family drives cross country yet again. 


Can you hear the sounds, the roar, the music?


The National Anthem is playing in the background while your teammates, family and thousands of US fans are going crazy cheering your moment!


It must be a blur of pride, tears and relief from the pressure.


How will your life change?


How will your confidence grow?


What’s next? What new challenge and goal can your conquer?


For us mere mortals we seldom get an opportunity to be recognised for our efforts and skills. Once past grade school the “gold stars” and happy face stickers are replaced by monthly paychecks.


There is no anthem, no cheering or high fives.


A trip to the bank and you start all over again.


If you own a business, teach a class or lead a team you might want to find a simple inexpensive way to cheerlead your best performers and customers. A way to feature them, show gratitude and encourage them to keep growing and going.


There’s an app for that!


With your smartphone download the FREE SendOutCards app from your app store. Type in the activation code 12212. Now you can take a photo with your phone and send them a real card in the mail. (Even include a gift like awesome brownies or popular books) Your card will be printed the next business day and mailed directly to them!


Try it free. Your first two cards are a no charge demo to see how easy the program is to use anywhere you have access to your phone or internet on your computer.


You can use these for Thank You notes, invitations, prospecting, special events and of course follow-ups.


If you have 5 minutes I would be happy to guide you through the easy process.  (If you are under 50 years old you can do it almost blindfolded) Plus, I can show you how I use the program personally and for business.


Call me at 244-2636 to see how SOC can work best for you.