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Bon Voyage…

A long time friend of mine (since before the studio opened 32 years ago)  is heading off to Austria on a grand traveling adventure. She will enjoy two full weeks in the beautiful mountain country of her favorite city, Vienna. Her’s is a classic storybook trip that already has scenes from the dozens of romantic “chick flicks” that have been superbly popular the last few years.

Then just two weeks later my daughter heads off to deepest darkest Africa! 
As part of a student medical group she will travel into the Republic of Tanzania to work with the nomadic  Maasai tribe bringing much needed supplies and American know how.  She has already taken her first lesson in Swahili and is enjoying learning the new sounds and rhythm of this Arabic influenced Bantu language.

For you and me Mate… we are hanging around Redding to photograph over 200 more of the 2011 high school seniors, dozens of kids and a handful of family reunions. We too are going to capture and chronicle wonderful  photos of this important time and adventure called LIFE with images  that you will treasure forever.

Great portraits,  like an outrageously fun journey are centered around stories.  Let tell your story with creative and inspired photos that you are guaranteed to love.

tom s



oh my goodness …


heyy duddee we look good


hey these pictures are really good man


the one of you leaning over the gate is reall good jeff


jeffery your pictures are hot 🙂 love you


Wow Jeffery Lloyd … they all look so good, i cant wait to see the rest – Love You


Hey Jeff, I really like your pic’s – the one leaning on the gate is my fave, but I like the one with the football too


i like your pic’s

Cousin Jamie

awesome Jeff -LOve the pictures 🙂


I like the one in striped polo 🙂 YOu look just like your Mama


“sweet clappin’ pic ”


Really cool pics

Taylor H

I looooooooove them!!! my favorite is the one of you over the gate thing


oh thats my grandson … he’s growing up
LOve U

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