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Back to school in less than 2 months…

As summer wears on many seniors wake up to the fact that this will be their final year being protected in the family cocoon. Soon decisions about college, the military and life in general will make many of the current worries seem insignificant and trite.

Friends you thought would be around forever move on with new interests, hobbies and jobs. New families spring up to further splinter the old gang's relationships and plans.

Enjoy this last year Class of 2011. Drink deep from the cup of life and remember the adventure you live day to day. Work hard for perfection on the field and in the classroom, find that champion within, be somebody.

Somebody special…


tom s


Marvin and Nancie Cate

Hey, Grandson Vince…You are one handsome dude, but we all know that !!! Have a super year, this is YOUR chance to SHINE !! Love ya, Gram and Pops

Vicki Cate

Wow!!! we are very proud of you son! Have a great year-Love Mom and Dad 🙂

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